18 February 2016

Switzerland / France / Italy Bolide Fireball Meteor 17FEB2016 w/ Videos

Southern France / Switzerland / Italy Bolide Fireball Meteor 18.20 (GMT +1) 17FEB2016 w/ Videos
MeteorRats Scramble! Booms reported. Rocks?!

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This image is NOT of this event; I have now confirmed via Google Image Search.
Wake bright sighted in the South Italy, dozens of reports between Puglia and Basilicat
Scia luminosa avvistata al Sud Italia, decine di segnalazioni tra Puglia e Basilicata
Photo Credit- scienzenotizie.it
Video 1
Grande Meteorite sul Nord Italia - Large fireball crashes into the atmosphere.Posted to YouTube by Andrea Franchi 28,404
Collecchio, Italy -  17.02.2016 time 18.20 (GMT +1)

Video 2
AMS Event #631-2016 - Fireball over Southern France
Posted to YouTube by American Meteor Society 1,799 views

Great 'balls of fire' light up skies of southern France
The Local.fr
... to some kind of military exercise and others panicked that planes were on fire, the fireballs are believed to have been caused by a meteor shower.

Bright meteor fireball lights up sky over southern France
Signs of the Times
Hundreds of people across south eastern France reported seeing the skies lit up by "balls of fire" on Wednesday evening. While many wondered ...

Fireball Visible in Sky Above Northern Italy
A bright fireball was spotted streaking across the skies of Italy on February 17. According to reports from MeteoWeb, the blaze was visible in several ...

Bright Fireball over Southern France caught on video
American Meteor Society
The American Meteor Society received over 55 reports so far about a fireball event over Southern France on Wednesday, February 19th 2016 around ...

Meteorite Central
"Falling meteorite lights up skies over..."

Falling meteorite lights up skies over northern Italy
A streaking fireball brighter than the full moon lit up skies over northern Italy on Wednesday evening.

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For any meteorite hunters in the U.S
I saw&made the proper report's for at least six meteors one of which was a big fireball just after sunset with a blue corona at the end. The five or more previous were daytime one's that caught my eye because, the trajectory was so extreme I thought a jet was crashing. Apparently, my area in Florida has been a hotbed of activity lately. BlueScarlet on Google+ or Scarlet4evermoore@Gmail