13 January 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 13JAN2015

The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert review – 'kill half of what you see'
The Guardian
Now, though, we are at the point where we are the meteor. Our impact on life on Earth is not as spectacular, nor as instantaneous; but in geological ...

Brasil Meteor 12JAN2015
Galera, around 23h, Brasilia time, I can not remember the exact time, dropped a meteor that lit enough. I was close to it, in a place with low light and ...

Grote cirkel gespot op Antarctica: is dit een meteorietinslag?
De Morgen
Wetenschappers zijn op de Zuidpool op een 2 kilometer brede cirkel gestoten. Mogelijk gaat het om een krater van een meteoriet, die in 2004 op ...

MSN - 1 hour
© Tobias Binder, Alfred Wegener Institute A possible meteorite impact site on the King Baudouin Ice Shelf, seen here from a plane, is more ...

Did Meteorite Carve Icy Antarctic Crater?
LiveScience.com via Yahoo! News - 10 hours
Researchers in remote East Antarctica think a massive area of fractured ice discovered last month could be a new found meteorite impact ...

Mystery of the mile-wide ring in Antarctica
Daily Mail - 12 hours
German scientists with the Alfred Wegener Institute spotted the 2km (1.24 mile) wide crater in the ice shelf and found it matched locations ...

Life might thrive a dozen miles beneath Earth's surface
PhysOrg - 8 hours
Life teems all over our planet's exterior and even down into the lightless oceanic depths. But just how far underground might life be able to ...

Mengungkap misteri 'cincin' 2 kilometer di Antartika
Dari dua penelitian tersebut, Dr. Christian Muller, menyimpulkan bila sebuah meteorit (meteor yang mampu menembus atmosfer bumi) lah yang ...

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