07 January 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 07JAN2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 06JAN2015
Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News
In what could possibly be a UFO in the process of crashing over California, dramatic video of what is definitely an Unidentified Flying ... NOT A Meteor; ...

Meteorite blast over Romania 2015.01.07
YouTube ⋅ 00:14
Meteorite blast over central Romania....the actual meteorite can't be seen but the flash indicates a bigger meteorite in size ...

Meteor shower expected Friday
CTV Montreal News - CTV News ⋅ 00:03
A meteor shower that has 'never been seen before' is expected Friday. Colin Haig, VP of Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, discusses.

New evidence undermines mammoth-killing cosmic impact
New research cast doubt on the idea that an intercontinental meteorstrike caused the extinction of the wooly mammoth. Photo by Tracy O/Flickr.

Year promises visual delight for sky-gazers
Times of India
PUNE: Two lunar eclipses, comet Lovejoy and a meteor shower are some of the celestial events to watch out for in 2015. Besides, Venus and Mars ...

NASA’s Kepler Marks 1,000th Exoplanet Discovery
NASA's Kepler Space Telescope has, to date, offered scientists more than 4,000 candidate planets -- the 1,000th of which was recently verified.

Volunteers Classify Possible Planetary Habitats
Citizen scientists are busy sifting through images from the WISE mission, logging 1 million potential planetary habitats..

Is this a UFO crashing and ejecting a miniature spacecraft ...or a meteorite breaking apart?
Daily Mail - 12 hours
The strange fireball was spotted by commuter Ken Roberts as he drove home from work. The American Meteor Society says it has received reports ...

Is this a UFO ejecting an escape pod or a meteorite breaking up? Mystery video sparks speculationDaily Mirror - 2 hours
A mysterious ball of light streaking across the night sky over California was caught on camera, sparking theories that it could be a UFO. ...

Mysterious Orb In California Sky Might Be UFO, Space Enthusiasts ClaimOpposing Views - 7 hours
Mysterious Orb In California Sky Might Be UFO, Space Enthusiasts Claim Mysterious Fireball Sighting Sparks UFO Theories 'Couldn't Have Been A ...

Meteors mean serious money
China Daily
In China's fast-growing meteorite market, buyers of all kinds are lining up for the outer space rocks ranging from big-spending investors desiring the ultra-expensive to young fashionist as seeking jewelry decorated with fragments of the outer-space gems. ...

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