08 January 2015

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Meteor 06JAN2015

Edmonton, Alberta Canada Meteor Approx. 2113 MST 06JAN2015
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Alberta Canada Meteor Approx. 2113 MST 06JAN2015
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-

06JAN2015 Mike Malinsky Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 21:10:00 2.5 N-S facing W Long green tail, then burnt up as yellow Low brightness, just a streak of green in the sky No crude artwork

06JAN2015 Laura Edmonton, AB, Canada 21:30PM 6 seconds East to West (Looked like it was coming down) No Sounds, Bright green with orange around it. It looked massive Florescent Green - Really bright No pieces falling It looked like It was burning so bright and then at the end it died out. I thought it was going to crash into the Earth it was so close and so bright. Not high up in the sky but eye level when sitting in a car.

06JAN2015 jack fulks edmonton, alberta 21: 20 2 to 4 seconds more or less E/W i was facing west white corona with a light green centre bright as a LED on a tail light no fragmentation angle coming down about 45 degrees

06JAN2015 Christy Edmonton, AB, Canada 21:15 PM, Mountain Time Zone 5 seconds Facing west Bright white streak, orange glow at the end, then burned out About as bright as the moon No I was driving, so I only glimpsed it, but it was pretty!

06JAN2015 Michelle S Edmonton, AB, Canada 21:13 MST 5 seconds plus within the window pane West sky, right to left slightly green ball, no sound at least as bright as a full moon none, round seems like it would have hit the ground, but no flash or sound from within our house; watching TV and two of us saw it.

06JAN2015 P Ross Taylor Sherwood Park AB Canada 21:13 MST 3 s very slightly N of W appeared to fall straight down Warm-bright, with wavy "tail" Much brighter than a planet Didn't appear to be Dropped below the tops of surrounding trees, gave the impression it may have reached the ground

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