20 January 2015

NH RI MA ME CT Meteor 19JAN2015

NH RI MA ME CT Meteor Approx. 2225 EST 19JAN2015
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NH RI MA ME CT Meteor Approx. 2225 EST 19JAN2015
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
19JAN2015 frank Peabody,MA USA 22:34:00 approx. 5 seconds glowing bright light appeared in lower sky then turn sharp right and pivoted down to the right like it was on a lever bright greenish/blue i saw a bright glowing plasma like light develop into a very large ball in the lower atmosphere, it suddenly appeared then developed into a large greenish blue ball and then took an immediate sharp turn down to the bottom right of the sky i believe it was in the south east area of the sky. it was as bright as the moon but slightly brighter no it was extremely precise sorry no photos or artwork, but shortly after noticing this event in the sky, there was a similar color light glowing onto my house and i could not locate where the light was coming from, the light was the same color as the item i saw in the sky

19JAN2015 Jana Magnuson Portland, Maine USA 22:17 EST 2 seconds SSW green venus didn't see fragmentation very large, bright and green. awesome sight.

19JAN2015 Kasi Pawtucket ri 22:19:00 3 South Green Sun No No photo, green, bright

19JAN2015 CU Newtown Ct USA 22:15 EST approx. Approx. 5 seconds Southern sky, traveled east to west Bright white with blue center and long tail Moon No Brightest and most beautiful meteor I ever saw

19JAN2015 April Jensen Pawtucket, RI,USA 22:30 p.m. approx 5 -8 seconds southwest blue/turquoise moon no. it was round appeared to shoot downward. i have never sen anything like it. i have seen alot of shooting stars but nothing like this. it was remarkable. a little scary

19JAN2015 Anthony Rodriguez Merrimack, NH 22:25:00 EST 2 seconds max South Bound Rte 3 was driving saw at 10 o clock white at first, then aqua with white tail. was size of a taillight when viewed about 150 ft away brightness of street light from a moderate distance dissappeared as soon as it reached max size was shooting star like but bigger,brighter, and greenish

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