19 January 2015

Breaking News- New Mexico Fireball Meteor 19JAN2015

Breaking News- New Mexico Fireball Meteor 0718:34 UT 19JAN2015
Updates Pending! Video pending.
Image Credit- Thomas Ashcraft

Fireball over New Mexico with Forward Scatter Radio Emissions
Thomas Ashcraft.
Captured last night with one of my all sky cameras. The time on the video is accurate to within a few milliseconds. Location is Albuquerque, NM. East is at top of video. North is on right of video.
Joseph Harker   Thank you Joseph for sharing!

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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
A good sized fireball just occurred over New Mexico, January 19 2015
0718:34 UT. Maybe -12 mag or so.
Thomas Ashcraft
Radio Fireball Observatory
Lamy, New Mexico
19JAN2015 Roy Troxel Taos, New Mexico, USA Around 12:205 am, MST 5 - 10 seconds Began near zenith be tween Leo and Gemini. Appread to drop vertically toward the southern horizon. Broke up to the left (east) of Canis Major. Green, and possibly yellow. No sound. Same as moon. Two small parts flaked off, before the meteor disappeard. No other comments

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