09 October 2012

Canada Meteor(s) 08OCT2012

Canada Meteor(s)  08OCT2012

If you saw one of these meteor events please file a sighting report with this website; thank you!

Initial Meteor Sighting Reports:

08OCT2012 Steve Laurentian Hills Ontario Canada 2100 EST 3 seconds facing NW, meteor just above horizon, travelling left to right white light with trailing pieces 5X venus Yes the meteor fell from view behind a distant tree line, followed a moment later by an orange flash. The flash appeared in the distance beyond the trees and illuminated the distant sky. No sound was heard.

08OCT2012 Nathan Jansen Chapleau, Ontario, Canada 21:30 EST 10 sec S to N Green brighter than moon no disappeared behind the trees... must have been impact because there was an explosion of light

08OCT2012 Kyle Brouse Verner, Ontario, Canada 20:45 Eastern Daylight Time 6 sec I was heading North when I saw it, and it was moving from West to East green a bit brighter than the moon no parts were falling off Huge green orb that lit up the sky when it hit the ground, almost like an explosion.

08OCT2012 Jenny Albers Between Nobel and exit 241 On hwy 69, Ontario, Canada 20:30 aprox. 8 sec We were traveling on the highway. We were going NW. The meteor was in the middle, at the top of the windshield and went to the bottom right. No sound. But it was a bright ball of fire, red and yellow. It had a fiery tail behind it. same as moon. No. I thought at first it was the moon on fire, falling. Then I thought it was a plane crashing. But I realized that it wasn't. It was quick and bright. It looked like a fire ball, the size of a small moon. There was a burning tail trailing it. When it went below the horizon, the sky lit up.

08OCT2012 Miguel Breton Markstay, Ontario, Canada 20h30 10 seconds South to North i was facing West Big green fireball shot across the lower part of the sky right into the hills behind the trees into the rocky hills, it lit up the sky for a couple seconds once it hit the ground. when it traveled behind the clouds it was an apperant green colored light almost like a green firework, alot bigger and traveled alot farther but it was very close looks like it hit wahnapitae, so 15 km from my location wasnt a firework, wasnt a flare, wasnt an airplane, it was a little smaller than the size of the moon

08OCT2012 malukai edmonton, Canada 19:00:00 15 secs Canada looked like fire with two white smoke tails same as the sun not sure nope

2012 THE Year of Meteors!

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