17 October 2012

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 17OCT2012

Sacred Meteorites Under Glass: Tribes and First Nations Fight for Spiritual ...
Indian Country Today Media Network.com
In the Native community, deep-space rocks are not just astronomical curiosities; they are sacred objects. The recent sale of a piece of the Willamette Meteorite, revered by the Grand Ronde tribes of Oregon, and the Cree struggle to retrieve a 330-pound ...

Bunker explision rattles Louisiana
Webster Parish Sheriff Gary Sexton said the bunker blast late Monday resulted in a flood of phone calls to his office and fears that the incident was the result of a meteor hitting the ground, KSLA-TVm Shreveport, Louisiana said. The force of the ...

'Loud boom' was bunker explosion at Camp Minden
The Shreveport Times Tue, 16 Oct 2012 12:54 PM PDT
Webster sheriff's officials confirm this morning that a bunker on a secluded area of Camp Minden exploded late last night, ending speculation that it was caused by a meteorite.

Siberian meteorite fetches 12 times more than expected
Pravda Tue, 16 Oct 2012 03:25 AM PDT
An auction was held in New York to sell pieces of meteorites from the Moon and Mars. The most expensive item - a fragment of Dar al Gani 1058 meteorite - was sold for $330,000. This amount was $10,000 less than organizers of the auction expected.

Photos: Moon Rock Sells for $330,000
ABC News Tue, 16 Oct 2012 03:21 AM PDT
The fourth largest piece of the moon ever was made available to the public in an auction, Oct. 14, 2012, with a final price realized of $330,000. Heritage Auctions' Natural History Signature MeteoriteAuction brought in over $1 million for 125 select meteorites.

That was no 'meteorite' in Louisiana
Houston Chronicle
Authorities initially speculated a meteorite may have shook the ground for miles in portions of northwest Louisiana late Monday night, but the mystery blast turned out to be an explosion at an industrial site in the area. The blast occurred about 11:30 ...

Meteor shower from Halley's Comet expected this week
The Orionid shower - so-called as the meteors appear to originate near the constellation Orion - happens annually and produce about 20 meteor per hour, said DiscoveryNews. Space.com said that the last five years have seen ever more impressive showers.

Mystery explosion shatters windows, lights sky in Louisiana
Fox News
The boom reportedly shook trees and citizens out of bed and shattered windows during the night as well, leading to speculation that it was the sound of impact from a meteor. This was no meteor, however. The National Weather Service branch office in ...

Orionid meteor shower to light up night Technology & science Space ...
A meteor shower spawned by history's most famous comet will peak this weekend, and the show could be dazzling for observers with clear skies, experts say.

Meteor shower from Halley's Comet peaks this week
CBS News
The Orionid meteor shower will reach its zenith overnight from Saturday to Sunday (Oct. 20-21) as Earth plows through debris shed by Halley's Comet on its path around the sun. The most impressive display should come a few hours before dawn Sunday, ...

NASA: The Orionid Meteor Shower peaks Sunday morning, October 21
GREENBELT, Md. (Science@NASA) – Usually, waking up before sunrise is a good way to get a head start on the day. On Oct. 21st, waking up early could stop you in your tracks. Blame Halley's Comet. Every year in mid-to-late October, Earth passes through ...

3-D Radar of Mystery Object That Hit Louisiana
AccuWeather.com (blog)
UPDATE: 10:00 AM: This article says that it was an explosion, so maybe we are seeing the smoke/debris cloud drifting (NWS says it was moving @ 10 mph which is too slow for a meteoranyway). Since I had previously blogged about a smoke trail from a ...

NOAA Radar Image Mystery Video
The N.O.A.A. radar stationed at the Shreveport regional airport caught what appears to be the plume of debris from the Camp Minden explosion. Many area residents also report they saw a fireballracing through the night sky around 11:00 pm Monday night.

Meteor Shower Created by Halley's Comet Peaks ...
The Orionid meteor shower will peak overnight Saturday.

Loud Explosion - Possible Meteor Strikes Louisiana ...
4 min
Meteor or munitions? What happened in Webster Parish? According to numerous reports, a ...

Mysterious boom in Louisiana caused by military explosion, not meteorite
New York Daily News
A bunker at a northern Louisiana military compound exploded late Monday, briefly prompting speculation that the loud boom and shaking ground had been caused bymeteorite . Webster Parish officials confirmed Tuesday that the mysterious incident was a ...

2012 THE Year of Meteors!

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