28 October 2012

Japan Very Bright Fireball Meteor - Meteorites? 25OCT2012

Japan Very Bright Fireball Meteor - Meteorites?  25OCT2012
2012年10月25日20時21分 長野県上空に火球
A very bright fireball appeared in the sky of Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture.
I believed that flew from east to west.
Camera image fireball Asahi Nagano Prefecture is located in the village below.
I ask for information.

ts007 wrote  -Google Machine Translation-
Mr. Saito and Mr. Yamakawa observations were televised on Japanese TV for this fireball.. Since you're both about 5 times the explosion, there may be the possibility of Taurus group. I think I will be near 6 ー etc.. With my camera, it was not able to shoot the computer is up and re-hang seems to have become together with airplane or captured at the same time as the camera in the south but I think the camera West had been captured the fireball this. Sorry. I think that is was captured by other people. If anyone else has images or witnessed this event please file a meteor sighting report. More information by Orio Junior College. http://oriot.wordpress.com/

ts007 wrote- -Google Machine Translation-
Mr. Saito to this fireball. Mr. Yamakawa and http://www7a.biglobe.ne.jp/ ~ fullmoon/index3.htm
I have made these observations on  TV

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