16 October 2012

Alberta Canada Meteor 15OCT2012

Alberta Canada Meteor seen between 00:30-00:45 MDT 15OCT2012
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Alberta, Canada Meteor Sightings 15OCT2012
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Initial Reports:

15OCT2012 Liz, Jen, Brian EDMONTON NW, ALBERTA, CANADA 00:45:00  -7:00 1-3 sec NorthEast - Right to left White-blue, very bright, fast, lit up minor cloudcover, passed beyond, disspeared behind houseline high intensity, flare/spotlight No No noise, but very, very bright. Mistaken for a movie-status weapon of war by companions

15OCT2012 Helen Simchak Fort Mcmurray, Alberta, Canada 00:40 MDT 5 seconds left to right long gold tail extremely bright no sound extremely bright no noticeable fragments I've never seen anything like it!

15OCT2012 GLENN EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA 00:36 MST 2 seconds S-N Right to Left facing East No sound. Gold I think. Bright... like fireworks. Yes Walked out the front door and ithappened directly in front of me... awesome timing! Police helicopter over my neighborhood probably saw it.

15OCT2012 Lauren Valley view, alberta, CA 00:30 mountain standard 2 seconds East to west Quite a large meteor, burst of green and red Moon Yes Driving at the time so no sound or photo

2012 THE Year of Meteors!

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