01 April 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 01APR2016

Craven Herald
The first major meteor shower since January can be seen this month. The Lyrids will peak on the night of April 22 and 23. When we see a meteor ...

NASA, Orbital ATK Launch OA-6 ISS Cargo Delivery Mission
State of the State KS (subscription)
... Gecko Grippers will stick to the walls, the Meteor experiment - which made it on board at last - will scrutinize Earth for incoming meteor showers, and ...

The Planet X Discovery May Help Predict the Apocalypse, Prepare Us to Stop It
The last major extinction event that killed the majority of life on Earth was the meteor that killed the dinosaurs. That was 66 million years ago. We've ...

Long-term view of extreme cosmic burst challenges astronomers
New Scientist
A new theory of how they work, dubbed the cannonball model, is challenging the traditional explanation, known as the fireball model. Gamma-ray ...

Green fireball spotted Tuesday by dozens in South Florida
The American Meteor Society received more than 40 reports from around the state about the sight,
which is believed to have been a random fireball ...

My first meteor - All sky camera
Stargazers Lounge
Hi, Taken by my all sky camera tonight at 20:55. Meteor shown centre screen. For reference position see the star chart below, it went throug...

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