05 April 2016

New Zealand Fireball Meteor 05APR2016

New Zealand Fireball Meteor 2110 Local 05APR2016

Report your meteor sightings please-
Please help get the word about this event so that we might recover security camera video or cell phone captures.
If you have a video or still image please send to me @ drtanuki@gmail.com ; Thank you!

Initial Meteor Reports-
05APR2016 Mark goble Hamilton, New Zealand 21:10 10 second West Bright white Moon Long tail Non

All  meteor sighting reports can be seen here

News Post-
Meteor seen by dozens of people across New Zealand
Taranaki Daily News
A meteor lighting up the sky above New Zealand has been seen by star gazers from across the country. On Tuesday night Weatherwatch.co.nz ...

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