02 April 2016

BC, Canada / WA, USA Meteor 01APR2016

BC, Canada / WA, USA Meteor  Apprx 2050 Pacific 01APR2016

Report your meteor sightings please-
Please help get the word about this event so that we might recover security camera video or cell phone captures.
If you have a video or still image please send to me @ drtanuki@gmail.com ; Thank you!

Initial Meteor Reports-
01APR2016 Kachur Surrey,BC 21:10 ish pm 3sec Was facing south came down from the left to right No sound, extremely bright white,with red flames as it burnt It seemed bright as the sun for a split sec then turned white/blue color then red ball ,it was close like over white rock area Didn't see any No photo

01APR2016 Andrew Port Coquitlam BC Canada 21:00 approx pacific time 10 seconds? still burning when it left my view NE to SW white/yellow flame bang followed 30 seconds or so later bright and low no very bright burning like a giant rocket
01APR2016 Julia Coates Marysville WA USA 2050 pm 3 seconds East/West White to blue to red Brighter than the moon but not as bright as the sun No It was the first fireball I have ever seen. It was so beautiful.
01APR2016 Ian Pocock Chemainus BC Canada 20:45/Pacific Approx 2 seconds Start SE stop SSE Pale flare followed by brief green, no sound heard 2-3 x brighter than Venus Not observed The brief flare (as it hit the atmosphere?) was interesting
01APR2016 Sherri Osoyoos BC Close to 2040 3-4 sec SE. To NW Very fast white fireball Moon No just a tail Just noticed a very bright big ball of white flying over the sky, it didn't seem too high up.

All  meteor sighting reports can be seen here

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