09 March 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 09MAR2016

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The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News
List updated: Tue-08-March 2016, 06:18Z. E-mail: meteordetective AT gmail DOT com. Reposting any of the articles or content from ...

NASA's Fireball Program Will Test if Asteroids Hit Earth as Randomly as We Think
NASA keeps an eye on larger asteroids in the solar system, like the the “big-ass meteor” that zipped by Monday morning. But where an object is likely ...

'B2Bomber' asteroid misses Earth; humanity exhales
The most recent time a space rock made news on a visit to Earth was in 2013, when a meteor about 65 feet wide exploded in the skies over Russia.

Fireball Seen And Heard Across The Ozarks
From KTLO.com
Fireball seen and heard across the Ozarks. Dee Daniels Reporting. There was a big glow racing across the Ozarks last Friday night, that ended in a ...

Meteoritic dust came from stellar explosions older than the sun
LANSING, Mich., March 8 (UPI) -- Researchers at Michigan State University say dust found at meteor sites on Earth came from ancient stellar ...

Env ministry zoned out over Lonar crater
Pune Mirror
According to experts, this area does not even cover the core area, including the ejecta (material which spread when the meteor made its impact on the ...

Centre shrinks eco-sensitive zone of Lonar crater lake
The Indian Express
In a move that has left green activists worried, the Centre has shrunk the Eco-Sensitive Zone (ESZ) around the meteor-crater Lonar lake in Buldhana ...

The Daily Coin
Asteroid TX68/METEOR WATCH. by The Daily Coin · March 8, 2016. space nebula NASA solar. from BPEarth Watch .

Don't Fear 2013 TX68. Fear the Millions of Asteroids Nobody Can See
At the very least, TX68 would create a fireball bigger than the one caused by the 2013 Chelyabinsk meteor—which injured more than 1,000 people ...

Skywatch: Your guide to space
CNN International
The Lyrids meteor shower will light up the sky with 10 to 20 meteors per hour in April, peaking near the end of the month. This meteor shower typically ...

The CELESTIAL Convergence
March 8, 2016 - MISSOURI, UNITED STATES - KY3 viewer Tim Zikowsky was setting up a dash cam on his way to work, and caught the meteor falling .

Mysterious glowing fireball baffles residents of Las Vegas and California
Signs of the Times
What was this bright burning light striking the sky of Las Vegas and northern California on March 6, 2016? It looks like a giant fireballdisintegrating in ...

Event 918-2016
American Meteor Society
Report a Fireball · Events · Reports · Log In · Sign up ... AMS received 40 reports about afireball seen over CA on Monday, March 7th 2016 around ...

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