03 March 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 03MAR2016

Current +/- 30-days NEO asteroids with less than 5LD close-approach
The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News
Comments, questions and reports/sightings to: meteordetective AT gmail DOT com. ** I thought it might be helpful to provide an updated list of all ...

Asteroid Could Fly Within Earth's Satellites Next Week
First things first: There's no cause for alarm. Asteroid TX68 poses no threat to Earth at the moment. But this asteroid, due to fly past Earth on March 8, ...

Asteroid set to whiz past Earth sometime this month
Fox News
Related: Fireball meteor exploded over the Atlantic earlier this month. “Should this asteroid come closer than the geostationary satellites, it would be a ...

Lasers Could Steer Asteroids Away From Earth
Sky News
An unmanned space-travelling craft could use lasers to heat up asteroids which are heading towards Earth, physicists say. 09:24, UK, Thursday 03

Rogue killer comet could be heading for EARTH after mystery meteor shower seen
Extra News
A NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN meteor shower which could be a sign of a “potentially dangerous” comet is orbiting the Earth, astronomers have warned. ...

The hunt is on for remains of meteorite in the north of Scotland
Press and Journal
It also pinpoints where the meteor was seen exploding – over Glenlivet. Shortly after the flash was seen, people took to social media with speculation ...

Watch as meteorite hurtles towards Earth in a fireballbefore disintegrating over southern Spain
The Sun
A METEORITE burned in the sky as it hurtled towards Earth and disintegrated into tiny pieces over southern Spain. An awe-inspiring video of the ...

Meteor 'fireball' seen in skies over Scotland (Video)
Canada News
The spectacle on Monday evening was witnessed across the country and prompted many to report a violent bang and a “fireball” in the sky to police.

Dazzling meteor lights up skies over Scotland
The Watchers
A dazzling meteor lit up skies over Scotland at 18:49 UTC on February 29, 2016, turning night into day for several seconds. The white light, seen ...

Meteor falling in Scotland Frame by Frame
Amazing footage of Meteor falling in Scotland Frame by Frame.

Video: Meteor lights up Scottish skyline
Belfast Telegraph
A meteor 'bright flash' lights up Scottish skyline prompting social media users to pronounce it 'the end of the world'.

Bright fireball over Scotland was likely a meteor
Examiner Gazette
The unexpected fireball shocked those who witnessed it. Resident Jenni Morrison summed it up with a shout of: "What the hell was that?" in dashcam ...

Fireball lights up Scottish skies, believed to be meteor
LONDON -- A bright glowing object, believed to be a meteor, flashed through the atmosphere above northeast Scotland on Monday night, lighting the ...

Meteor Explodes in Scotland
Subscribe for more http://goo.gl/bY5w6 --- A large meteor lit up the Scottish sky on Monday, before it exploded into a fiery streak. Scientists estimate ...

Meteor in Scotland Lights Up Sky, Police Phones, Internet
A meteor over Scotland on Monday evening caught many by surprise, with numerous residents calling police to report a bright flash and a fireball in ...

Is it a bird? White flash illuminates Scottish night sky
Irish Times
... to police after 'fireball' seen in sky over Scotland · March 1, 2016 Suspected meteor shower witnessed across country, people report houses shaking ...

A Bright Fireball Meteor Just Lit Up the Sky Over Scotland — Here Are the Videos
A bright fireball blazed over Scotland on Monday, according to witnesses who reported the sighting to the American Meteor Society. Fireballs are stray ...

Meteor flashes in sky over Scotland
Meteor flashes in sky over Scotland. CBC. Duration: 00:37 7 hrs ago. SHARE · TWEET · SHARE · EMAIL. Giant blue fireball seen across the north.

Giant 'fireball' lights up Scotland's sky
Washington Post
March 1, 2016 1:12 PM EST - This video captured by a car's dashcam shows the flash caused by a “fireball” during a suspected meteor shower over ...

Mystery blue flash across Scottish night sky laid to meteor, or space junk
The Japan Times
LONDON – Scientists say a meteor was the cause of a bright flash of light reported by people across Scotland and northern England. Police Scotland ...

Meteor Caught on Camera in Scotland Creates Spectacular Flash, Loud Bang | The Weather ...
The Weather Channel
A “fireball”, spotted over Scotland on February 29, reportedly caused homes to shake and prompted a large number of phone calls to the police.

Fireball Lights Up the Sky in Scotland
Driving instructor Bill Addison caught a fireball shooting to earth at nearly a 90-degree angle on video with his dashcam at around 6:45 pm local time.

Bright flash
The Independent
Lee Schofield, from the Highland and Islands weather group, told The Independent: "It was most probably a meteorite which came into the earth's ...

Meteor lights up night sky over Scotland
A suspected meteor over Scotland turned night to day as it burned up entering Earth's atmosphere, an expert has said. On Monday night, hundreds of ...

Great balls of fire: the truth about Scotland's mysterious flash of light
The Conversation UK
Most common are the small specks up to the size of a grain of sand that produce brief flashes of light – a shooting star or meteor – when they ...

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