01 March 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 01MAR2016

'Meteor shower' caught on camera in skies over Scotland – video
The Guardian
The bright light of a suspected meteor shower over Scotland is caught on camera.

The mystery 'meteor' that turned night into day
Daily Mail
This is the moment a suspected meteor lit up the sky over Scotland last night and terrified the population below. People from Inverness to Edinburgh ...

Flash in sky over Scotland triggers meteor speculation
The Telegraph
Looks as if the flash has come from a meteor burning up in the atmosphere, lighting up the full sheet of cloud sitting at around 2,000ft. — Sean Batty ...

Meteor 'bright flash' seen in skies over Scotland
BBC News
Footage has been recorded of a large meteor in the sky over north-east Scotland. Police received a number of calls after a big, bright flash or 'fireball' ...

Meteor thought to have caused bright flash in sky over Scotland
South Wales Evening Post
A METEOR has been blamed by some for a bright flash in the sky over Scotland which sparked a large number of calls to police last night. The bright ...

Fireball lights up Scottish skies, believed to be meteor
CNN International
Footage captured on a dashboard camera by Scottish man Bill Addison showed a bright blue fireball hurtling through the cloudy sky, briefly ...

Meteor fireball explodes over Scotland, emitting a powerful rumble and lighting up the night sky
Signs of the Times
A large white light and rumbling "bang" have been reported in the skies over the north east of Scotland, prompting speculation on social media about ...

Mysterious 'meteor' lights up Scottish sky, rumbles dramatically (VIDEO)
A mysterious fireball made a dramatic entrance into the Scottish sky, lighting up the night and making a loud rumbling noise, which left residents ...

Meteor? over Scotland (Frame by Frame/ Slow Mo) - 29/02/2016
Meteor? over Scotland (Frame by Frame/ Slow Mo) - 29/02/2016 .... Perseids Meteor Shower in 4K (Night lapse GoPro 4 footage) August 12, 2015 ...

'Meteor' sightings caught on camera over Aberdeenshire
BBC News
The event has yet to be confirmed as a meteor but eyewitnesses reported seeing a blue, white or green light, with some saying they also heard a ...

Five meteors across the world you may not have heard about
Evening Telegraph
After the stunning 'meteor shower' was spotted above Tayside last night, we've taken a look back at similar incidents to have happened that you might ...

Loud bang and white lights reported in skies over Scotland
STV News
Dashcam footage captures a 'meteor' which lit up the sky over Scotland. February Sky: Dashcam footage captured the moment the sky lit up.

Une pluie de météorites en Écosse
Aberdeenshire, Scotland: a meteor shower lights up the night sky on Feb 29, 2016. An amateur dash cam footage, 0:12. Europe, UK. Écosse: une ...

Video: Suspected meteor shower caught on camera
Belfast Telegraph
The flash coincided with a suspected meteor shower which triggered calls to police from people claiming their homes shook. The spectacle on ...

A Huge Meteor Hit Earth and You Probably Didn't Even Hear About It
The Science Explorer
In February 2013, a meteor caused by a near earth asteroid lit up the skies over Russia. You probably heard about the Chelyabinsk meteor because it ..

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