09 February 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 09FEB2016

Breaking News! RJ, Brasil Fireball Likely Produces Meteorites 08FEB2016
The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News
RJ, Brasil Fireball Meteor Likely Produces Meteorites 00:30h Local 08FEB2016 Just Breaking! Brasil MeteorRATs Scramble for meteorites! Boots hit ...

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 08FEB2016
The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News
MBIQ Detects Denmark Fireball Meteor ...

nemesis maturity
Meteor/Fireball ALERT: Denmark/Brasil/Australia/Canada & India One Killed Three Injured by Meteorite Fall? Tamil Nadu, India - One Killed Three ...

Indian Man May Have Been Hit By Meteorite In Unluckiest Death Ever
Huffington Post
In what may be one of the unluckiest deaths in human history, an Indian man was killed by an explosion that may turn out to be caused by a meteorite.

Man killed by 'meteorite'
International Business Times
[Representational image]Tamil Nadu man who died in college explosion could be first death by meteorite. Picture: The bus-sizedmeteorite left over ...

Authorities: Meteorite Killed Man in India
Yahoo Finance
Watch the video Authorities: Meteorite Killed Man in India on Yahoo Finance . Scientists in India are investigating whether a man was killed after being ...

Why the Tamil Nadu meteor death is so rare
Times of India
Death rate: 1 person in 20 billion per year, which means, if you live till you are 80, you have a one-in-250-million chance of being killed by ameteor.

Vellore blast: Meteorite claim later, they search for a shooting star
The Indian Express
The incident is not likely to be linked to a meteor shower, associate professor at IIAP Dipankar Banerjee said. “I am not an expert on this since this falls ...

Massive Meteor Explodes Over Denmark – Many Kilos Space Rock Found Near Copenhagen
On Saturday night, at around 10:08 pm on Saturday 6th February, 2016, hundreds of Danes witnessed a spectacular phenomenon as the sky ...

Meteor explodes over Denmark with meteorite found
Signs of the Times
... after streaking the sky over Copenhagen at around 10:08 pm Saturday 6. of February, 2016. The meteor was also spotted from Poland and Sweden.

A meteorite may have killed someone for the first time in nearly two centuries
Washington Post
The last major event of space rock plummeting to earth took place in 2013, when a large meteor exploded over the Russian region of Chelyabinsk, ...

Did a meteorite kill this guy?
New York Post
... explosion that killed a man. If the object ends up being a meteorite, this man will be the first recorded fatality attributed directly to a falling space rock.

Inde: un homme aurait été tué «par la chute d'unemétéorite»
Le Journal de Montréal
Des scientifiques indiens enquêtent sur la mort dans le sud du pays d'un homme tué, selon les autorités locales, par la chute d'une météorite.

Homem morre após queda de meteorito, dizem autoridades indianas
Ambiente Já
Caso se comprove, tratar-se-á da primeira morte de uma pessoa causada por um meteorito, disse o professor. Ex-estrela de cinema, Jayalalithaa ...

Scientists investigate suspected meteorite death in southern India
Scientists are investigating whether a man was killed by ameteorite, which would be the first recorded death of its kind in almost 200 years.

Meteorite explosion kills one in TN, state announces compensation
The Tamil Nadu government announced compensation for the victims of the meteorite explosion that took place in Vellore district. The meteorite fell in ...

Authorities: Meteorite Killed Man in India
Wall Street Journal
Scientists in India are investigating whether a man was killed after being struck by a meteorite in the southern Indian State of Tamil Nadu on Saturday.

Fatal meteor impact in India may be first ever recorded
In what is being called a first in modern history, a man in India has died after being injured by a meteor that struck a college in India. The impact also ...

Indian Man Earns Sucky Distinction of 'First Human Killed by a Meteor'
In what is being described as the first instance in recorded history, an Indian man is dead after being struck by a meteorite. The space rock struck an ...

A Meteor Killed a Guy, but Here's Why You're Not Next
(20 m) meteor exploded in the skies over Chelyabinsk, Russia releasing a 500-kiloton blast that shattered windows in 3,600 buildings and sent more ...

Did A Meteorite Just Kill Someone In India?
Popular Science
Most recently, a meteor exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia in 2103, injuring more than 1,000 people as the shockwave from the explosion shattered ...

Man in India killed by falling meteor?
Cloudy Nights
http://www.cnn.com/2...lled/index.html. Has it happened? A person killed by a falling rock from space? Looks like it, so far anyway. Back to top ...

RAW: Meteorite falling from sky crashes into a school campus in India
CCTV Video: Meteor falls in college campus, allegedly hits a man. The meteorite explodes on impact. The Indian man could be first recorded human ...

Indian man may be first human killed by meteor in recorded history
Indian man may be first human killed by meteor in recorded history ... Thus, a single meteor is 47,000 times more likely to hit elsewhere than our ...

Meteorite causes death in Chennai: List of some meteor accidents
India Today
The Bharathidasan Engineering College incident in southern Chennai, where a man died due to a meteor strike, raised suspicion among the scientists ...

Indian officials claim man was killed by a meteoriteimpact over the weekend
The Verge
Indian officials claim that a man was killed by a meteorite strike on a college campus in the southern state of Tamil Nadu over the weekend. A large ...

Inversion of meteor impact sources and analysis of the surface and shock waves generated by them
Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris
The interest for meteor impacts in planetary seismology has increased recently since to the progress on remote sensing. Orbiters, and other tracking or ...

وثق عدد من الأهالي بكاميرات التصوير جسماً غريباً، عَبَر فوق سماء رفحاء عند الساعة العاشرة والنصف من مساء أمس الاثنين، يُعتقد أنه نيزك ضخم. وذكر ال...

Carlos Augusto Di Pietro
February 9 at 6:30am
Photos from Cristian Reis Westphal's post in Grupo: Ciência e Astronomia
Astrofísica brasileira, membro da Academia Brasileira de Ciências ABC e da Academia Mundial de Ciênc...

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