08 February 2016

Australia Fireball Meteor 06FEB2016

Australia Fireball Meteor Approx. 2000 AWST / 2200 EDST 06FEB2016
Fragmentation reported!

Report your meteor sightings please-
Please help get the word about this event so that we might recover security camera video or cell phone captures.
If you have a video or still image please send to me @ drtanuki@gmail.com ; Thank you!

Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-

06FEB2016 Andy Cripps Watsons Creek NW New South Wales Australia approx 2200 EDST 5 seconds over horizon North travel SE TO NW Blue/green Very bright Yes The fall dissapeared over the horizon still very bright and fragmenting as it went. I was only today i was reading of reports in Port headland WA of similar sightings approx the same time. This is about 4000km away in that direction of travel.

06FEB2016 Gus WESTERN AUSTRALIA aprox 2020/ HOTEL 3-5 sec E-W aprox 28Deg S 114.5Deg E Green Fireball preceded by small sonic boom less than the moon but much brighter than Venus complete fragmentation visible at 30 Deg above the horizon to the north of Geraldton

06FEB2016 Peter Gillan ONSLOW, Western Australia 2000/ Australian Western Standard Time, PM 2 sec E-W Green Fireball very large Very bright, more than the moon just a flaming tail About 30 degrees altitude

06FEB2016 Lena long Wiluna Australia Just after sun down Na North to south Na Na Na This meteor was observed by Blackfella people travelling back home to Wiluna.lLena long and the other people travelling in separate cars , pulled up and said that the ground shook and heard the bang.these people rang to tell me and told me this early this morning. Regards from they will give more the more information when I can contact them again ,as phone reception is bad,Regards from Jack Shiner

All  meteor sighting reports can be seen here

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