13 July 2015

California Meteor 12JUL2015

California Meteor Approx. 0020 PDT 12JUL2015

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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
12JUL2015 kurt richards earp ca 0100 am 8 to 10 sec southwest to northeast tred yellow fireball with tail bright as sun no saw it go across the sky then seemed to burn out then 15 sec later heard a impact and fish started jumping in pond where i was fishing

12JUL2015 radek california, rancho santa margarita 12.20am 4 east/west facing north fireball moon yes driving on crown valley tovards coto de gaza, socal. It was visible over santa ana mountains, lake elsinore direction

12JUL2015 Bianca Eagle Rock, California USA 12:20AM Pacific time Approx about 3 seconds W-E, Right to Left, I was facing south white fire ball with tail/ driving windows closed, no sound Same as the moon no parts falling off. It quickly went from the sky to the oter side of the foothilll. Not sure where it landed.

12JUL2015 Rick Suey Sun City CA USA 12:15 am About 3 seconds S-N right to left facing east Bright white with tail no sound Same as full moon No frags Could see through overcast

12JUL2015 Roxanne & Bryan Perkins Irvine CA 00:15 4 secs S-N we were facing E went from blue to red then to green and broke up into many pieces and faded away. we were driving so no sound brighter than the moon yes it broke into many pieces it seemed very low in the sky

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Justin said...
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Adrian Jimenez said...

I seen it also me and my girlfriend were sitting in the car having a cigg and I noticed a huge ball of white blue fire moving kinda fast from right to left and yes it was breaking off pieces as it got closer to hitting earth I'm in jurupa valley California and that fire ball looked huge I mean big enuff for me to see the flames coming from it and pieces falling from it and I could of sworn I heard it impact but not to sure but overall the biggest spacerock I've ever seeen