23 July 2014

Ontario, CA / NY MA Meteor 22JUL2014

Ontario, CA / NY MA Meteor Approx. 2200 EDT 22JUL2014
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Ontario, CA / NY MA Meteor Approx. 2200 EDT 22JUL2014
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
22JUL2014 jeremiah woodbeck Selkirk NY 9:59 EDT 4 seconds upper left to bottom right none very bright halfway through sighting it split into two split like a "y"

22JUL2014 Jake Merrickville, Ontario, Canada 22:00hr EST 3/5/2014 South East Orange/red moon? split into 2 and faded out quickly just saw it out my house window

22JUL2014 Ziggy Sutton, Ma USA 10:20 PM EDT 10 secs nw to se bright white as bright as the moon no It seemed to be pretty big, the light burst was bright. All three people in the car saw it.

22JUL2014 Toni Ottawa, Ontario Canada 2158 4-7 sec Moving south east Fire ball fragmented out into two. Smaller fragment moved away from larger due south fire ball color yes, one smaller fragment, none

22JUL2014 randy farrar Napanee Ontario canada eastern 10:20 pm 6 sec s to n facing east green and hew of yellow moon yes off the tail what was it

All 5 meteor sighting reports can be seen here

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