23 July 2014

Alberta, Canada / ID MT Bolide Meteor 22JUL2014 - Breaking News

Breaking News - AB ID MT Bolide Meteor Approx 0130 MDT 22JUL2014 - video
Likely produced meteorites! Canada???
11 Meteor Sighting Reports! - Radio interference reported.
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AB ID MT Bolide Meteor Approx 0130 MDT 22JUL2014
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Montana Meteor
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
22JUL2014 David Hennessey Calgary Alberta Canada 01:33 Mountain AM Perhaps 10 sec. 15 maybe East to West Saw streak of light very long. Very long. With round front and long tail. Front seemed to burst ?! Then tail section glowed very bright in sudden flash. Like high beams of car. Then started to fade out but visible for some time. I was on back deck when saw. I couldn't believe my eyes so was watching very close. The light got so bright it actually scared me for a moment. Started like moon. Burst went like sun or more. Insane bright. No. Looked like front may have burst ? I have not seen anything like this. I have witnessed shooting stars. This was far more bright , intense and scary then anything. It literally scared me the burst of light. I am a 40 year old man. For two hours now I have checked online and local news to see what this was and nothing. Insanely crazy. Wow. Once in a lifetime !!!!!!

22JUL2014 Kraay Banff Alberta canada 1:15:00 Approx 5-10 secs N-S,left to right. I was heading east Bright green with a train that seemed reddish and fizzed out to orange/rust colour before fading out. Thought it heard a sound like hissing almost. Very bright! More like the moon Didn't seem so No photos. I was driving. Was in the middle of nowhere so it was very dark and it was one of the most incredible things I've ever seen. Wished it lasted longer. 

22JUL2014 Nathan Lefsrud Calgary, Alberta, Canada ~0130 MST Around 10 seconds. WSW from left to right It was a huge meteor, and it exploded in the atmosphere brightly enough to light up the night sky. For a few seconds, it had a glowing blue tail, and the meteor itself exploded into a shower of red and yellow. Much brighter than the planets, I'd say on par with the brightness of the Moon. At the moment of explosion, it looked as though it was a very large and nearby lightning strike. I can't say about before the explosion, but it shattered into many pieces. None that I can think of. It was quite extraordinary, though. 

22JUL2014 Thomas Steuart Kitscoty Alberta Canada 01:26 MDT 3-4 seconds southern Sky East to SouthEast Streak then a big flash which lit a huge area . For Miles ! It was almost daylight,,,,greenish ? Had a hue of some sort only a second of flash pretty smokey, didn't see parts Im sure my co work, driving south, got a great view of this. Ive seen streaks before but never a flash. I was driving home from work and the streak caught my eye, then FLASH ! It was very cool, the highway was all lit up, the sky was bright

22JUL2014 Kat Wildwood AB Can 125am 3 sec? SE to NW I think greenish daylight none none

22JUL2014 Shayla Vizbara Strathmore, Alberta, Canada 1:24 AM MDT 4-6 seconds Facing S.E travelling S.W Bright blue flash of light, lit up the sky, shrunk to an orange ball of light and shot off leaving a bright blue trail behind. Initial flash was brighter than lightning, the orange ball looked like a street lamp, the blue trail was as bright as Venus. Trail fragmentation First time sighting!

22JUL2014 Seth norman Ponoka, AB 1.47 am 40 Travelling North left Bright white, then large blue tail at the end redish Sun No fragmentation Scattered my radio

22JUL2014 Drew Red deer alberta canada 1:41am (24hr clock)mountain time About 5 seconds It was heading south east. I was facing south Blue tail. It lit up the whole sky. As bright as lightning N/A It was as big as a bus...(so it appeared as it was entering the atmosphere

22JUL2014 Victor Garcia Rexburg, Idaho. United States 1:30:00 3 seconds Fireball travelling E-W, Driving S-N Green tail, no sound Very bright. Close to the moon brightness No fragmentation It lit a big part of the sky green for good 3 seconds.

22JUL2014 Pamela Brandvold Lewistown Montana USA 1:30 AM aprox was power walking so time was not on my mind and no phone with me to time it perfectly two or three seconds NE-SW right to left facing north Orange head with a core of colors red to black surrounded by a comet tail, cocoon white envelope bulging from head to the point following. 1/2 of night sky facing my view of Dipper seen from town can never remember if that is major or minor til I pay attention lit up the sky like full moon and a micro second of the sun in initial burn up It look like three pieces together fell straight but again trajectory implied different it had a distinct shape which I will draw but I have no scanner. I was out doing a very late power walk and it took me by surprise as to its brightness and the size of meteor when it glowed and its shape visible

All 11 meteor sighting reports can be seen here

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