23 July 2014

Sao Paulo, Brasil Bolide Meteor 22JUL2014

Sao Paulo, Brasil Bolide Meteor 19:09 Local 22JUL2014
Asteroid Grazes Atmosphere!
Sao Paulo, Brasil Bolide Meteor 19:09 Local 22JUL2014
c2014 BRAMON
Fireball captured over São Paulo state, Brazil
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We had a new fireball, captured over São Paulo state by the PU2VLW station. The fireball was reaches magnitude -3.6, had a long duration of 4.6 seconds. He was also captured by the station in the city of Mogi das Cruzes of Marco Mastria, so we can obtain its exact orbit and trajectory. But the most interesting factor was that there was an eyewitness (Bruno Caspirro) of the fireball in the Itu city. He commented about the intense brightness of the object, its "slowness" and an intense yellow color. It was fantastic the accurate evaluating of the direction of the fireball and its altitude above the horizon. this was the type first interaction between independent eyewitnesses and video capture in BRAMON. - Carlos Augusto Di Pietro

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