29 July 2014

UK Meteor 27JUL2014

UK Meteor Approx 2300 Local 27JUL2014
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UK Meteor Approx 2300 Local 27JUL2014
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
27JUL2014 Steven Durham England 2300 4secs High in South Sky. Travelled downwards and then dissapeared lower in sky still in south. Had a green glow and then brilliant white before dissapearing. Sun? Like a very very bright roman candle but heading south and downwards. Long tail which has a green glow. Instantly posted on twitter to which someone else confirmed sighting from Birmginham in Midlands. -- Date corrected by LMH

27JUL2014 emma gibbons Stafford, UK 23.02 3 seconds United Kingdom east bright yellow powerful yes amazing

27JUL2014 Peter Lisewski CHESTERFIELD, DERBYSHIRE, UK 22:02 UT Approx 3 to 4 seconds From Aquila heading South East Intense white, no sound Approx -8 to -10 magnitude No fragmentation Very fast moving object

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