24 July 2014

OK KS IA Meteor 23JUL2014

OK KS IA Meteor Approx 0100 CDT 23JUL2014
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OK KS IA Meteor Approx 0100 CDT 23JUL2014
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
23JUL2014 Dillon Davis Henryetta, Oklahoma 130 2 seconds i was facing north it was heading west southwest orange red like a bright venus no very bright very fast heading to Oklahoma city.

23JUL2014 Kyle Trilk Cumming,Iowa,USA 1:20am Central time 7 (1-10) bright moon S/SW facing SW Blue/green glowing Moon A little Coolest thing I've ever seen

23JUL2014 Melonie B Blackwell, Oklahoma kay county 1:00:00 between 20-30sec NE headed SW i was standing E NE bright firey looking thing shooting across the sky no sound between sun/moon no looked like a ball with a light stream behind it like a shooting star just bigger and brighter all i can say is i have never in my life seen anything like it it was a big bright fire flame looking shooting thing across the sky it was amazing 

23JUL2014 Michael Hunt Ellsworth, Ks 67439 0053 CST (GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada) Approx. 5 seconds E/NE-W/SW I was facing East when I first saw it Orange glow, like a fireball Bright as headlights of an oncoming train No fragmentation that I could see I woke up to step outside, and looked up just in time to see a fireball quietly shooting at several thousands of miles per hour (judging from the speed of airplanes flying at that altitude) from the E/NE to W/SW at 0053 hrs this morning, directly over Ellsworth Ks. Did ANYBODY ELSE see this too? Is it a single meteor, space junk falling from space, or a UFO crashing down to earth, and WHERE did it crash down on land? It was going too fast for me to even pull my phone out of my pocket to video it. It had NO sound to it at all.

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David said...

I also saw this in the Blackwell Oklahoma sky July 23rd 2014 at around 1 am...it looked so close and was the craziest thing I have ever seen...I wondered what it was and if anyone else had seen it.