08 June 2024

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 08JUN2024

Meteor Lights Up Over Kouzushima, Japan - YouTube
Meteor Lights Up Over Kouzushima, Japan. 4 views · 18 minutes ago KOUZUSHIMA AIRPORT ...more. Meteor News. 7.74K.

A Splashy Meteorite Was Forged in Multiple Collisions - Eos.org
The Winchcombe meteorite was recovered, largely from a driveway, just hours after it fell to Earth, preserving evidence that its early relatives ...

The Sky This Week from June 7 to 14: Spot some sporadic meteors - Astronomy Magazine
Astronomy Magazine
Although the next major meteor shower — the Southern Delta Aquariids — doesn't hit until next month, our skies are never completely meteor-free.

This Weekend's Meteor Shower Could Have Thousands of Meteors per Hour — How to See It - MSN
This meteor shower is particularly good for those who'd like a full night's sleep. Willscape/Getty Images © Provided by Travel + Leisure.

Fireball Seen Streaking Across Parts of New York State - 101.5 WPDH
101.5 WPDHThis recent event follows an active spring for meteor sightings over New York. https://wpdh.com/aurora-northern-lights-june-new-york-sun-storm-sunspot ...

Dissipation Rates of Mesospheric Stratified Turbulence From Multistatic Meteor‐Radar Observations
AGU Journals - Wiley
The findings suggest that multi-static meteor radar measurements of ST can provide a novel way to continuously monitor turbulent dissipation rates in ...

Dash to the Past — Meteor strikes farm - Daily American Republic
Daily American Republic
This day in local history begins with a bang — specifically, a meteorite strike near Doniphan. 100 years ago. June 7, 1924. • A local farmer rushed ...

Daytime Meteors — StarDate Online
Daytime meteors can boost the strength of weak FM radio signals for a few seconds at a time. One daytime meteor shower peaks around today's date, with ...

(PDF) Impact disruption of Bjurb\"ole porous chondritic projectile - ResearchGate
(Catalogue of Meteorites (MetCat) 2022; Database 1994-2017; Database 2005-2023). Bjurböle is a friable meteorite of a high porosity (~20%, Table 1 and ...

Dash to the Past — Meteor strikes farm - Daily American Republic
Daily American Republic
A local farmer rushed to the newspaper office today claiming a meteorite struck near his property. George Freeman lives north of Doniphan and west of ...

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