06 June 2024

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 06JUN2024

Backyard Video Shows Humongous Fireball Explode Over Missouri
1070 KHMO-AM
It was a humongous meteor that was captured by a backyard security camera as it exploded over Missouri. The American Meteor Society shared video ...

Girl captures viral blue meteor moment in Portugal, netizens left amazed, 'almost biblical'
On Sunday, the European Space Agency (ESA) posted a video of a "stunning meteor" caught by its "fireball camera" to X (previously Twitter). Thanks ...

Bolide avvistato il 4 giugno, ecco cosa ha attraversato i cieli d'Italia per pochi secondi
Quotidiano Nazionale
... meteorite di tipo Apollo originatosi da un asteroide. La rete di PRISMA ha rilevato il bolide e ne ha seguito la traiettoria: è andato da Monte ...

East Liverpool homeowner finds rock that could be from space - WFMJ.com
That night, he took the rock inside his home. The rock was magnetic, which is a common trait for meteorites. Because of this and the heat, Hawkins ...

Meteorite From A 4.5 Billion Year Old Asteroid Holds 2,600 Compounds - video Dailymotion
Analysis of a space rock that landed on a frozen Michigan lake revealed a rich array of extraterrestrial organic compounds.

Martian meteorites reveal secrets of Red Planet's geological past - ZME Science
ZME Science
Meteorites like this Nakhla meteorite could provide insights into how planets like Mars and Earth geologically evolved. Credit: Scripps ...

Bolide luminoso sull'Italia: il cielo si è infiammato con la sua scia - Virgilio
Meteorite in Virginia, la spiegazione scientifica. Cosa è successo ..

Metal from beyond our world found in ancient treasure trove - Indy100
A study, published in the journal Trabajos de Prehistoria, revealed that the iron used in these two artefacts originated from a meteorite that ...

Meteorite, il francobollo ci sarà dal 21 luglio - Il Resto del Carlino
Il Resto del Carlino
Era stato annunciato e ora finalmente c'è la data di emissione del francobollo dedicato alla Meteorite Renazzo. Se ne era parlato a gennaio con ...

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