07 June 2024

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 07JUN2024

ESA's Mars Express Provides Stunning Flyover of Nili Fossae - The Daily Galaxy
The Daily Galaxy
ESA explains, "The trenches of Nili Fossae are believed to have formed following a colossal meteorite impact some 4 billion years ago. This impact ...

Ce que les météorites venues de Mars nous apprennent sur son volcanisme - Le Monde
Le Monde
Une très fine lame de nakhlite de 4 centimètres de diamètre. Cette météorite martienne a été trouvée en Egypte, en 1911.

East Liverpool homeowner finds rock that could be from space - WFMJ.com
The rock was magnetic, which is a common trait for meteorites. Because of this and the heat, Hawkins believes it came from space. "My son said you ... NOTE- Very doubtful that what he found was a meteorite,-LMH, Tokyo

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