10 June 2024

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 10JUN2024

Dissipation Rates of Mesospheric Stratified Turbulence From Multistatic Meteor‐Radar Observations
The findings suggest that multi‐static meteor radar measurements of ST can provide a novel way to continuously monitor turbulent dissipation rates in ...

Video Shows a Gigantic Green Fireball Disintegrate Over Missouri - KHMO
One report came from the Kansas City, Missouri area. Kathy Starr via YouTube/American Meteor Society. A user named 786veronika on YouTube said " ...

This Bronze Age arrowhead was made from materials out of this world - MSN
Failing to match the arrowhead to the Twannberg meteorite, the researchers began analyzing other meteors that fell during that time period. How To ...

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