29 November 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 29NOV2016

Denmark Fireball Meteor 28NOV2016 w/ Video
A meteor blazed across the Danish sky on Monday evening (18:25 Local), according to astrophysicist Tina Ibsen from the Tycho Brahe Planetarium in Copenhagen....

Poland Fireball Meteor 28NOV2016 w/ Video
Poland Fireball Meteor 19:36 Local 28NOV2016 w/ Video
Event related to Denmark Fireball Meteor Event 18:25 Local 28NOV2016 ?
MeteorRats Standby!...

November 2016 NEO Count has gone Mad! 46 with LD of 10 or Less!
Bolide Fireball Meteor Alert Issued! - LunarMeteoriteHunter 01NOV2016
MeteorRats Worldwide be on Standby!

Ceará, Brazil Fireball Meteor 26NOV2016

Meteor fireball 'tore up the skies' in northeast Brazil
Signs of the Times
Piauí, Ceará and Pernambuco, Brasil 26NOV2016 20-30 Second Duration with Sonics Reported On the night of that last Saturday (26) a big meteor ...

Meteor reported blazing across sky in Denmark
Signs of the Times
Many report seeing a fireball light up the dark winter sky A meteor blazed across the Danish sky on Monday evening, according to astrophysicist Tina ...

A House Hit by an Alleged Meteor
TEMPO.CO, Bengkulu - Residents of Sungai Serut District, Bengkulu City, were surprised by a rock that is alleged to be a meteor that ripped through a ...

More Than 100 Scientists Sign Letter Of Support For Planned Asteroid Deflection Mission, Urge ...
The Inquisitr
The Chelyabinsk meteor, as it became known, sent 1,500 people to the hospital and did millions of dollars in damage to buildings in several cities.

Scientist warns of horrifying consequences if giant meteor hits Earth
Daily Star
AN ENORMOUS 300-mile wide asteroid could bring about the next mass extinction event – if it strikes Earth in 2036.

Phoenicids will begin December list of meteor showers
New Jersey Herald
This is a month of meteor showers, but none of them really amount to much. Still, let's list them with the peak dates of the showers, and remember that ...

The December night sky
The Guardian
It is a shame that yet another supermoon coincides with the peak of the Geminids meteor shower to swamp what might have been the richest meteor ...

When is the Geminids Meteor Shower 2016, how to watch it and when does it peak?
The Sun
This year's Geminids Meteor Shower starts around the second week in December – anywhere from the evening of December 12 to the morning of ...

December brings cold moon, meteor shower
Superior Telegram
Unfortunately, the night of the 13th-14th is the peak of the Geminid meteor shower, and the moon will wash out all but the brightest meteors. Brightness ...

December's night skies will set great tone for 2017
First, we get to see one of the year's best meteor showers, the Geminids. It should peak on the night of Dec. 13, into the following morning. Looking to ...

Dog walker left baffled by mysterious 'moon poo' discovery on moorland
In 1996 a meteor shower was reported in Kempton, Australia - and the following day, a white translucent slime was reportedly discovered on the lawns ...

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