01 November 2016

Niigata, Japan Bolide Meteor 05:00 JST 31OCT2016 w/Videos / Fragmentation

Niigata, Japan Bolide Meteor just before 05:00 JST 31OCT2016 w/Videos  / Fragmentation
Long duration of secs! With Fragmentation- shedding debris.
This may have been space trash / a re-entry vehicile or failed launch?. It was filmed from both Niigata and Sendai. -LMH

Niigata, Japan Bolide Meteor just before 0500 JST 31OCT2016
Source- YouTube / NTV

Video 1
Mysterious green ‘fireball’ lights up the skies over Niigata, Japan
Posted to YouTube by ElDI SuperNova 60 views

Video 2
Green light-emitting body Niigata airport sky of Japan is passing fireball?
Posted to YouTube by kaze shiroi 122 views
This video show severe fragmentation such as seen from space trash.

Fireball over Japan caught on video
NBC2 News
NIIGATA, JAPAN - A fireball was seen hurtling across the sky off the coast of northern Japan. A Nippon TV affiliate's weather camera captured the ...

WATCH: Fireball streaks across northern Japan
A Nippon TV weather camera captured video of the fireball. The fiery, greenish object shot across the sky for 15 seconds before vanishing to the ...

Meteor fireball streaks across northern Japan
Signs of the Times
One astronomer said the object was likely a brighter-than-typical meteor, which is technically called a fireball. The astronomer speculated that it could ...

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