28 November 2016

Ceará, Brazil Fireball Meteor 26NOV2016

Piauí, Ceará and Pernambuco, Brasil 26NOV2016
20-30 Second Duration with Sonics Reported.

Sightings Map of 26NOV2016 Brasil Bolide
c 2016 BRAMON

Report of  Piauí, Ceará and Pernambuco, Brasil 26NOV2016 by BRAMON
written by Lauriston Trindade
On the night of that last Saturday (26) a big meteor tore up the skies of Ceará and Piauí. It could be seen, in addition to these two states, by Maranhão, Pernambuco, Paraíba, Rio Grande do Norte and Bahia.
Unfortunately, none of the cameras monitoring of BRAMON recorded the event, but we managed to collect around 40 reports in several cities close to what has happened and from these reports, we set up a trajectory estimated for the object, which can be seen in this map.
The object began to shine on the ocean, next to the city of Fortaleza, and crossed the Ceará from north to south, passing near Crateús, where we received several reports. Entered the state of Piaui and went about the city of peaks.
There are reports that it was beyond the state of Piauí, toward the Bahia, but even if I don't have to come to both, the juggernaut presents pretty impressive numbers:
- lasted something between 20 and 30 seconds
- travelled  over 600 miles in the atmosphere
- had a speed between 20 and 30 km / sec
Until this moment, is very low the possibility that this is a re-entry of space junk, but still have not ruled out the possibility. The more likely it is that in the case of a meteor buzz, also called earthgrazer.
Meteors that kind are not enough to fall on earth. They scrape the higher layers of the atmosphere and return to the area. One of the most striking features for this kind of meteor is that he's apparently slower than the meteors more common, but the truth is, he's as fast as you. Just seem slower because occurs at very high altitudes and huge distances before returning to the area.
Important to reinforce that this map is still preliminary, but it fits perfectly with the majority of the statements. In addition, the margin of error is still too big, since they were made only from reports of visual observers.
We use to say thank you to all who are collaborating with their valuable reports and information about it.

Did you see? 'Fireball' is seen by residents of Piauí, Ceará and Pernambuco (in Portuguese)180graus.com
...In Ceará, according to the website of the People, the reports were made in the cities of Acopiara, Catherine, Mombasa, Whitestone, Crateús, New Russas, New East and Ipaporanga....
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