11 November 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 11NOV2016

Biggest “Supermoon” Since 1948 to Occur in November 2016
... another supermoon on 11 December 2016, but that event's most notable achievement may be ruining ground views of the Geminid meteor shower.

How to watch the Leonid meteor shower, the fastest in the sky
Astronomy Magazine
Although typically one of the year's finest meteor showers, this year's Leonid display suffers because it comes just three days after the closest Full ...

When is the Leonids Meteor Shower, how can I watch it and when does it peak?
The Sun
A meteor shower occurs when many meteoroids (rocks in space) fall towards the Earth after breaking off a comet – a small, icy object in the Solar ..

Taurid meteor shower 2016 will light up Hull skies with fireballs
Hull Daily Mail
But if you peek out of your window before dawn on Friday you might be able to see the stunning display of the Taurid meteor shower. Because of the ...

When and how to see the Taurid meteor shower in Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire
UK Live News
Here's how to see the spectacular Leonid meteor shower next week Those who love to gaze up at the skies will be treated to an astronomical marvel ...

When and How to Watch the Taurid and Leonid Meteor Showers
Wunderground.com (blog)
12, the annual Taurid meteor shower will light up the night sky with meteors that are remnants left behind by the passage of the Comet known as ...

Taurid Meteor Shower set to light up the Grimsby sky this weekend
Grimsby Telegraph
Meteor showers are an often rare and spectacular event, where we can see objects, millions of miles away shooting across the sky. This Friday, just ...

Taurid meteor shower to bring 'fireballs' to UK skies this weekend
Belfast Newsletter
Look up into the night sky this weekend, and you may just see a fireball ... Fireballs, by the way, is just another word for an especially bright meteor.

Meteor Showers And Supermoon To Light Up The Sky
Caribbean360.com (subscription)
LONDON, England, Thursday November 10, 2016 – Starting this weekend, the night sky will be putting on a spectacular display ranging from meteor ...

Meteor Astronomy with Forward Scatter
International Meteor Organization
In this section, the astronomical aspect of the problem is introduced: what do meteor astronomers want to know about meteors, how should these ...

American Meteor Society
Location. Address, Lakewood, CO. Latitude, 39° 41' 27.25'' N (39.690903°). Longitude, 105° 5' 0.39'' W (-105.083441°). Elevation, 1686.097m ...

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