28 July 2016

CA NV AZ UT Space Trash or Launch Debris 27JUL2016

CA NV AZ UT Space Trash or Launch Debris 2140 PDT / 2240 MDT 27JUL2016
Long duration, estimates from 10-40 seconds. Multiple fragmentations.
STrashRats Scramble! 

- Update Chinese Long March 7, Chang Zheng 7, Debris.  Multiple videos pending.

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Western U.S. Saw An Amazing Light Show Last Night, Courtesy Of China
Video 1

Meteor or space debris breaks up over United States
YouTube by BNO News 423 views

Video 2
MASSIVE Meteor/Space Junk Breaks Apart Over Western U.S. - Twitter Vids YouTube by Sheilaaliens 406 views

Initial Sighting Reports-
27JUL2016 Wendy Mundell Salt Lake city, utah 10:35pm MST 35 secs West to East Yellow, white, no sound Medium Yes Coming home it looked like a slow moving bunch of comets crossing the sky

07/27/2016 Shawn Gierman Hurricane 22:43 Mountain Time >40 secs West to East Facing North Bright green and orange and little blue Moon Yes WOW

27July2016 Dennis Toevs Paso Robles, CA, USA 9:40 PM 20-30 secs N-E, Left to Right, facing North Yellow to red Sun broke apart into 2 pieces Suddenly appeared bright yellow and fell North to East changing colors as it fell to red breaking apart. Disappeared behind the hill from our house. I didn't hear any sounds.

07/27/2016 Jane R. RENO 21:35 20sec SE-NE White/Yellow Moon Venus Yes, at least 2 fragement Low angle very bright wide tail

7/27/16 Jodie Williams canyon country pacific 9:45 pm 10-20 nw to se left to right facing north east white no sound moon 2 parts small and large then large split in two headed down on about a 15deg angle

27JUL2016 Dockimble Riverbank, CA, USA 95367 Pacific 2140 PM 10 - 15 seconds From the south traveling east Bright white changing to yellow as it broke up Same as ISS yesterday -3.7 Yes Very large fireball

27JUL2016 Russell San Luis Obispo, CA, USA 9:38 PM PDST 12 sec W->E or W->NE yellowish-white object with orangeish-white long tail like a meteor but large, with tail more persistent and more orange seemed pretty unfragmented over visible arc of sky until it passed over hills @ NE initially noticed at ~350º, travelling to ~70º bearing; pretty flat trajectory, suggesting space junk re-entry; speed seemed very slow compared to meteor

27July2016 Joe roseville ~9:42 PM PDT 25 seconds started south sky moved to east white with silver and gold tail brighter than any star, looked bright like plane with landing lights split into two red lights and tail faded out near horizon unique movement through the sky. It dropped out of view behind houses but I regained site after moving between houses to see horizon

27JUL2016 CHRISTOPHER MILLER Walnut Creek, CA, California, USA 2138 PST 20 seconds SW to NE Bright WHite Ball split into twoduring observation as bright as moon one ball split into two lost sight as it passed behind Mt, Diablo sighted during drive southbound on hwy 680 south of walnut creek hwy 24 intterchange

07/27/2016 Dean San Francisco, Ca. 9:35PM 30 Sec S White moon no dark clear sky, long horizontal path NW to SE very bright, slow moving, 30 sec

07-27-2016 Virginia Demke Wrightwood California USA 9:40 PM 15-20 seconds South blue, red and yellow Between Moon and Venus brightness yes I was looking out my second story window North when I saw 2 large fireballs and a few scattered pieces fly in a Southern direction.

07/27/16 M. Morosin San Jose, CA, USA 9pm 10 seconds West to East Orange - No sound brighter than the moon at one point a fragment appeared round shape, fireball

27Jul2016 Elohir Modesto, CA 2135 20-30 See heading to east horizon Bright light heading long tail, deep rumble heard Almost as bright as moon Broke into two pieces and faded Very large

27-2016 july peter griffin south California 9:40 something 1min right orange/red moon ya no

27July2016 Eryck Riverside, California, U.S. Pacific 9:36~ PM Noticed it for about 5seconds Location was North, moving west to east White, didnt hear anything was driving Brighter than any star outside Looked like one piece initially then split into two Had a white streak behind it

27JUL2016 Greg Olmsted Pilot Hill, CA, USA appx 2140 PST +/- 20 seconds I was facing south, travel was roughly W-E, possibly SW-NE yellow/orange, no sound from my vantage point Initially as bright as a star, but was constantly fading. Yes, there was fragmentation. This was by far the largest meteor that I have ever seen; If you will consider the moon to be the size of a softball, I would say this was the size of a ping pong ball, with a bright tail and large sparks occasionally falling off of it. It started out as bright as a bright star, and faded to the brightness of an ember before i lost it. I have no way to accurately guess how far south it was from me. It could have been 5 miles or 500 miles.

27Jul2016 Matthew Rodney Exeter, CA, USA 2147 just a few seconds eastbound bright bluish white light, huge Super bright, triangular shaped no I have to download my surveillance camera to see if I got it on film

27/Jul/2016 Kurt Salt Lake City 22:40 / Mountain, PM 25 From South to Southeast Orange/White Venus+ 5 became 25 became multiple Horizontal path - 15 degrees

07/27/2016 Stephen Manteca, CA, USA 2142/PST, PM 15-25 seconds South/North - North, Right to Left, Facing East Bright White Stream of Light, Thick Tail, Broke up about midway down, lasted a good 15-25 seconds, could hear a faint double boom after object/s went out of sight As bright as the moon if not more bright Yes, appeared to break up as it was falling through the sky n/a

07/27/2016 Scott Freel Lake Tahoe, Ca, USA 21:30/pacific, pm 40 sec W-E It was a ball of orange with a very large tail brighter than venus but not as bright as the sun yes, it broke into two It was amazing. I have never seen anything like it. WOW!

27JULY2016 LTC Joseph W Rabe 50 Hillside Drive, Mammoth Lakes, California 2130 Hours PST 7 to 10 seconds, blocked by trees 60 degrees above the horizon right to left, south to north brilliant white with a reddish purple trail, that looked fixed, not like a shower of sparks brilliant white ball, with a tail like a comet (like an arched eyebrow yes the ball, but with a fixed tail that was surreal This was different from other mentor sightings I have witnessed. This was huge, slower moving, with a strange huge tail wed.

July/27/2016 johnny Lancaster, California 9:45 pm Pacific about 30 sec or more It started in the West and was traveling east. We were facing North. So it was left to right. no sound at all. seemed to be close. It had a long orange sparkling tale and the meteor itself was bright green. as it flew over the northerly Tehachapi mountains it split into two, one orange and the other bright green. it drifted out of view over Edwards Airforce Base still traveling east, and breaking up more and more. Awesome spectacle! it didn't seem to wanna burn out. fairly bright i the sky, but did not light up our surroundings. yes. many orange pieces breaking off and falling behind the bigger pieces. not sure if it fle back out into space or not. it disappeared out of site over the eatern horizon

27JUL2016 Robert Dibble Bishop, California, USA 21:45 Pacific Standard At least 30-40 secs Started in West over Sierra Nevada Mtns. Headed due East. Covered Arc of 120 degrees Kaleidoscopic colors. No sound. By far the brightest object in the sky. Brighter than the full moon. Major fragmentation, both large and small fragments. Dozens of fragments. By far the largest bolide I have ever seen or heard of. I was awe-struck.

July/27/2016 R Rochon Roseville CA USA 1915-1930 Pacific 15 seconds South to North facing East Re/No Sound Very Bright Red, Not quite Sun, way brighter than Venus Yes, Clearly had a debris tail There were 2. Leed one was twice the size as trailing one. Both had long debris tails. Brightest thing Ive ever seen falling out of the sky. Was looking East. Falling at maybe a 30Deg angle.

July/27/2016 X Templeton CA, 93465 9:40/ pacific / PM Maybe 15 seconds N/E medium speed burning down North East behind the mountains till i couldnt see it any longer. orange yellow read ....white light and some blue it was super bright ...nothing like i had seen before and way bigger. yes! When I first saw it I wasn't sure what it was seeing. I thought it might have been an air plane falling. Then as I watched it, it became more clear what it was. It was very bright and large. It looked like it was on fire. As it moved, it begin to have pieces break off as it passed down behind the mountains where I could no longer see it. However. when it passed behind the mountain I could still see the night sky light up from behind where it had traveled. Our whole family was able to see it. Pretty awesome and scary!

7/27/2016 Liz Martin Enoch Utah 84721 11pm 40 to 50 West to east Blue, orange/red Looked like fireworks brightness Yes long tail and falling off when speeding across the sky First thought fireworks but way to high then thought of an air plane burning, did not have my cell phone to take pictures.

27JUL2016 Cindy Ovard Eagle Mountain, Utah, USA 22:15, MDT, PM 20-30 secs Start--S-N, Right to left, I was facing East Two bright lights like two planes in the sky one right after another. The one training was.blue green in color and the one in front had a trail of.lights like sparklers. The blue green light disappeared, but the front light continued across the sky trailing lights behind it as a glowing trail of mini lights. As they moved from right to left in a north direction they began to fade one by one. Bright like Venus star Fragmentation. Yes parts falling. I thought it was a plane on fire streaking across the sky until I saw it begin to fade one by one.

27July2016 Jeffery pryde Washoe valley, Nv. 2138/pacifictime,pm 5 seconds Facing south/W - E, Right - Left White trail in 3 segments Same as the moon 3 fragments falling off Smoke trail

27/07/2016 Rick Tippett Redding 21:40 7-10 seconds Facing East, Right to Left Whlte Airplane Landing Lights Yes, a couple Moved slow, at first thought it was an airplane. about 90-120 degree view before disappearing behind a hill.

27JUL2016 Ryan Martinez Chinle, AZ USA 10:38PM MT 15 seconds S-E, Left to Right Bright orange...blue and white Moon It defenently was breaking up as it ended it was definently a good trail...it was one whole then broke into two pieces with a good trail until it broke up

07/27/2016 Heather Gerstl Lancaster, CA, USA 21:35 30 sec I was facing north and it was traveling W to E Yellow tail Bright as moon As it traveled closer it broke into 2 pieces. It had a large tail. Initially I thought that it was a plane going towards the local airfield with its landing lights on which would be unusual as it is not a commercial airport. I pulled my car over and watched it traveling closer and called my husband who was driving about 2 miles from me. He also saw it. It was very bright yellowish white and became more yellow as it became closer. Then it split into 2 pieces. I then lost sight of it and drive to the top of a nearby hill, but could no longer see it.

July 27,2016 Desiree keys Manti, Utah 84642 USA 22:40 About 40sec Facing west/ end facing east Yellow white orange and blue Moon Yes Heard what sounded like continuous thunder after it disappeared from sight. Saw it go from west horizon all the way to east horizon. I've seen meteor showers and this was unlike anything I have ever seen. Looked for photos online after and could only find this. Similar but what my husband and I saw was much more spectacular

27JUL2016 Dan Koloski Walnut Creek, CA USA 21:30/PST, PM 10-15 seconds W-E Right to Left facing South white ball with orangish tinged white tail Very, very bright not really Huge and moving nearly directly horizontal.

27JULY2016 Danny AWATER, CA 22:30 15-20 sec. N-S, Facing South Bright White, RED AND PURPLE IN MIDDLE, NO SOUND. moon Yes, can see 3 or 4 smaller pieces following it. It didn't dissappear and it had a very long tail

27JULY2016 John Gannon Alameda, CA USA 21:40 / PDT 30 sec Start West traveling mostly East Long tail of fire / sparks Airplane in the night time sky with a tail of sparks assuming yes, had a very long tail nope, should have tried with the Iphone tho

27JUL2016 James Tahoe City 2150 25 seconds Start: Southwest/ Stop: Northwest Both pieces were Orange and yellow, some white Half as brute as the moon Yes, and there were two distinct meteors This was slow moving dropping towards the horizon at about 10 degrees decent, duration was most likely much longer as it was steadily moving it disappeared behind the trees

27 July 2016 Donn Ledwick Saint Helena, CA USA 21:35 PDT 30-40 seconds Appeared in the southeastern sky moving east (Right to Left) Bright blue-white, then white, then yellow, the red Very bright then diminishing gradually At about 25 seconds, the object broke into two pieces one in front of the other I was in playing in a bocce ball league when someone yelled, while pointing towards the south, "Hey look!" We all stopped and looked as what could have been an asteroid or some kind of man-made space object falling back into earth's atmosphere. It traveled parallel to na d not far above the horizon fairly low in the night sky.

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