14 July 2016

NEOShield 2 project, the kinetic impactor For NEO Asteroids

NEOShield project 2, the kinetic impactor For NEO Asteroids

NEOShield project, the kinetic impactor For NEO asteroids
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Published on Aug 13, 2013
The NEOShield project has been set up to carry out a detailed analysis of the open questions relating to realistic options for preventing the collision of a NEO with the Earth. The aim of the project is to provide solutions to the critical scientific and technical issues that currently stand in the way of demonstrating the feasibility of the promising mitigation options with a test mission. While a mitigation test mission is beyond the financial scope of the current project, the NEOShield team aim to provide detailed test-mission designs for the most feasible mitigation concepts, so that it will be possible to quickly develop an actual test mission at a later stage.

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