13 July 2016

New dwarf planet discovered in our Solar System

New dwarf planet (TNO) discovered in our Solar System!
Via: RT
Astronomers at CFHT (Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope), Maunakea, Hawaii, have announced the discovery of 2015 RR245 as part of the ongoing Outer Solar System Origins Survey (OSSOS).
2015 RR245's orbit is highly eccentric, with a semi-major axis of 81.3AU, perihelion of 33.7AU, aphelion of 128.9 AU, inclination of 7.575 degrees and an orbital period of 733 years.
First observed, retrospectively, on 2015-09-09, 2015 RR245 is estimated to be ±700km / 438 miles in diameter, although Dr. Michele Bannister of the University of Victoria in British Columbia also stated: "it’s either small and shiny, or large and dull"
If any of you have, or have access to, the equipment necessary to observe 2015 RR245, it is currently located at RA:00 23 14.73, DEC:+06 00 35.8 with an apparent magnitude of 21.98 (distance 63.85 AU).  As a rough guide,  2015 RR245 is currently located in the constellation of Pisces, a little to the right of Uranus.
Further, detailed, information is available from 2015 RR245 on JPL's SBDB, and also by visiting JPL's Horizons interface and entering "2015 RR245" as the Target Body.  More information about CFHT can be found here.
Click orbit diagram to enlarge.  The hi-res image of 2015 RR245's orbit --showing comparison to other, known, TNOs is available here.

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