09 July 2016

Spain / North of Africa Bolide Meteor 08JUL2016

Spain / North of Africa Bolide Meteor 08JUL2016

Screenshot from video
Source- SMART

Impressive fireball on 8 July 2016
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Published on Jul 8, 2016

Fireball recorded on 8 July 2016 over the North of Africa, at 21:05:47 UT (23:05:47 local time) by the meteor-observing stations operating in Spain in the framework of the SMART Project. The event was brighter than the full Moon and was produced by an alpha-Capricornid meteoroid
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Fudfood said...

I saw this all the way in Abu Dhabi and it looked a lot closer than where it was spotted. It was a spectacular bright orange before it burned up completely in our atmosphere! :D

Tatu3 said...

I saw this last night in the sky above Spain (south of Zafra, Extremadura). Was pretty amazing and totally unexpected. Just happened to be looking up at the sky at the right moment

Irene said...

Yes, saw it too from my rooftop terrace in Ojén, the south of Spain.
It looked like a multicolored, slow moving rock with a long lasting and quit broad tail. The colors green, red and Orange where visible.