19 September 2011

Meteor/Meteorite News 19SEP2011

39-pound Meteorite Unearthed in Kansas
First Coast News
As owner of the Kansas Meteorite Museum, he's searching a six-mile stretch of Kiowa County known for "Brenham Meteorites," named for the little town of Brenham once located here, the site of a huge meteor explosion. "The idea is this all came in at one...

Man makes meteorites his life's work
Arizona Republic
He got out of the truck, walked to the roadside and saw a smooth, black chunk of rock off the pavement - an unmistakable piece of a meteorite. His wife spotted another piece, and a few hours later his son-in-law found a third. ...

'Dinosaur-killing asteroid wiped out ancient birds'
Hindustan Times
PTI The catastrophic meteor strike that killed dinosaurs on Earth some 65 million years ago may also have wiped out ancient birds, scientists say. Paleontologists who examined fossils of ancient birds found that many of the archaic birds died off at ...

Invaders from Vesta!
Discover Magazine (blog)
In the last paragraph of the Vesta post, I said we have samples of Vesta that fell asmeteorites. As it happens, they had a sample of one of those rocks at the show! Here it is: Other such meteorites have been found on Earth as well, and are generally ...

Greenland rocks unlock golden shower secrets
The researchers from the University of Bristol in the UK say their experiments with material from Isua, southwest Greenland, provide evidence of a meteor bombardment some 3.9 billion years ago which laced the planet's crust with tons of dead-star ...