09 September 2011

MBIQ Indicates North Carolina / South Carolina Meteor 8SEP2011

MBIQ (Meteor Bot Internet Queries) Indicates North Carolina / South Carolina Meteor 8SEP2011
North Carolina / South Carolina Meteor 8SEP2011
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Apex, NC Meteor 8:00PM 8SEP2011
Something fell from the sky to the south of Apex, NC around 8PM. It looked like a shooting star, but more orange, then as it approached the horizon the fireball erupted from the light then it disappeared. Would like to know me and one other person on my Facebook that said they saw it are not nuts and where it landed. -Paul Miller  Thank you Paul!

Clayton, NC Green Fireball between 7:50-8:00 pm 8SEP2011
Just saw a huge green fireball fall straight from the sky in Clayton, NC. This is not the first one that I have seen. I have seen four total in NC---once in 1999 in Fayetteville, one time in Raleigh 2010, in Clayton early in 2011, and finally tonight September 8, 2011 between 7:50pm-8:00pm. They have all been huge green balls of fire that seem to fall slowly. Please contact me with any questions. I have many myself and would like to ask what are they, are they normal, just for example. I always have kept a watch on the stars and any information would be beneficial and fun facts for me and share the information with friends and family since they don't believe me.
Thank you, Candace  Thank you!

Morrisville, NC
I happened to catch the meteorite while driving at 7:55pm around Morrisville.
It appeared to fall straight down as I was headed East at an extremely slow pace. The meteorite also appeared to change color from white to orange to green until it dropped out of my view due to the horizon. Also the object was quite large (I noticed the core and the colors surrounded it) and very bright (at least twice as bright as Venus) taking about 3.5 seconds to fade over the horizon.Like nothing I have never seen and I have seen my share of meteor showers and meteors. -Ian Squires  Thank you Ian!

Florence, SC
 I spotted the meteorite shortly after 8:00 pm last night,September 8, 2011. It was white and green in color. It became out of my view due to houses and trees. This was the first one I have ever seen, and definitely a neat experience! -Chrystal  Thank you Chrystal!

Garner, NC
I was in Garner near Timber Drive Elementary School last night around 8pm. We were on Thompson field watching my sons Football practice I saw a large object and told the guy next to me "look there is a shooting star. He said that cant be a shooting star its too big. It looked like it was trailed by tail of fire. My son also told me he saw it. -Jeff Bloom  Thank you Jeff!

Myrtle Beach, SC
I am glad others saw this also. Just before 8 pm on 9/8 I saw a large “fireball” fall to the east of Myrtle Beach. I am about 10 miles inland, due west of MB and it fell just north of east of MB. I only saw it for about 1 sec and it was reddish in color. It was an awesome thing to see.
Gil McDougal, Conway, SC - Thank you Gil!

Wilmington, NC
Viewed 9/8/11 at 8 pm Wilmington NC looking at eastern horizion. Stated around 85 degrees overhead. Slow moving perfect teardrop shape orange/white ball, blue tail. Disappeared over ocean horizion. Wow! -SouthWindMotel  Thank you!

Rocky Mount, NC
My co-worker saw a meteorite come down here in rocky mount, he was by Wendy's on 301 and it went down by the theater(premier theater on 43). was big had a long tail, and was orange.
Wendy  Thank you Wendy!

Greenville, NC
I am glad that GOOGLE found this site, as I too observed a magnificent fireball of some sort while driving south on NC 43 a few miles south of Greenville,NC last night ( 9/8/11 ) just shortly after 8pm. It first caught my eye as a typical falling star, but much closer to earth. It seemed as if it was almost right out in front of me and falling straight down. The lighted tail that initially caught my eye quickly evolved into a very bright ball that seemed to be falling straight to earth and appeared to have visible burning streaks coming off of it. I have never witnessed anything like it before in my life. It was very awesome to say the least. Sincerely, Michael  Thank you Michael!

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