06 September 2011

Florida Bright Green Meteor 5SEP2011

Florida Meteor Sightings ~6:45 am 5SEP2011
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Fort Myers, Florida Meteor ~6:45 am 5SEP2011
This morning about 6:45am I saw traveling southeast and I saw a blue green fireball that looked like a firework shooting across the sky from east to west. The meteor seemed close but it was moving a lot faster than a firework. It eventually burned up but I have never seen a meteor so close before!-Joseph L.  Thank you Joseph!

Maitland, Florida Bright Large Meteor ~6:35 am EDT 5SEP2011
This morning (September 5, 2011) at approximately 6:35 am (EDT) I was driving south in Maitland, Florida. An extremely bright and large meteor, heading east to west, low in the sky. It was slow moving, had sparkles coming off the tail, which was a blueish, yellow large tail. It lasted for 4-5 seconds as it travelled across the whole sky - did not flame out but got lost by the trees.
(Looked like a giant Tinkerbell flying by!)
Would love any news you find on it - probably somewhere in Tampa or the Gulf if my guess.
Thanks, Joe A.  Thank you Joe!

Leesburg, Fl Bright Green Meteor Fragmenting ~6:35 am ET 5SEP2011
Around 6:35 AM ET in the morning twilight, I observed a bright green meteor with a gaseous tail, moving from East to West looking south from Leesburg, Fl 34748
at about 45 degrees above the horizon, disintegrating into small pieces at about WSW, most likely over The Gulf of Mexico.
This was a slow moving entry in the atmosphere. 2 to 3 seconds observation time.
Regards, Tom Strouder  Thank you Tom!

Deltona, Fl. Large Blue Green Meteor ~6:45 am
I saw a large blue green meteor with a green tail heading south-south west at 0645 on 9/5/11 over Deltona Fl. It had a green tail with some yellow, and reddish sparks coming from the rear as it passed behind the tree line. Extremely vivid colors. I have never seen one that close and vived before. Awesome sight.-TM Thank you TM!

Lighthouse Point, FL Meteor Fireball ~6:35 am 5SEP2011
So I believe I saw a "meteor fireball" ?? at approx 6:35 this morning. It was very colorful pink and green I think...looked like it could have been a firework! lasted about the same length of time also. It was right before the sun came up. Shot towards the west and wasn't that high up at all. Very cool!! -Jennifer O.  Thank you Jennifer!

Wesley Chapel, Florida METEOR-Round White Cross in the Sky ~6:38 am 5SEP2011
Out walking the dog and saw this round white light cross the sky. There was no sound, it was moving swiftly and smoothly without any stopping. I only saw it for about 2-3 seconds before it went behind a conservation area traveling north to south. I have never seen something like this before, it was awesome to see. -TeeDee  Thank you TeeDee!

Winter Park, Florida Greenish Blue Meteor Fireball 6:45 am EST 5Aug11
greenish blue shooting star/meteor/fireball over Winter Park, Seminole County, Florida. Very bright. Awesome!!!!! -Juli   Thank you Juli!

Melbourne, Florida Meteor with Green Tail ~6:30 am 5SEP2011
Walking my dog at 6:30 this morning l thought l saw a shooting star which
had a green tail and the front area was red. It was beautiful and headed down toward western tree area. Just found your site and saw where this was able to be reported. Glad to read of others experience. -Carole  Thank you Carole!

Indian Harbour Beach, Florida.
I too saw this huge bright lime green ball fly across low in the shy this morning around 6:38, Moved from east to west very low in the sky about the size of a traffic light! Moved very fast, looked like it was going to crash in the river I pause to listen for a crash, but it just disappeared, some fishermen also saw it! Just hunted the web to see if anyone else saw it, What was it? -Pam 
 Thank you Pam!

Orlando, Florida
I was walking my dog at approximately 6:35 AM when I saw what I believed to be a Meteorite streak across the sky from East to West. It had a bright orange tail with a touch of bright blue. It only lasted a few seconds but it was awesome! I was so excited about it I had to google it to see if anyone else saw it. Glad I found your site! -Larry H.  Thank you Larry!

Webster, Florida
I was travelling along Cortez blvd near webster fl thismorning at about 630am heading east and saw a huge red fire'ish ball with a long green tail coming from north to south not far off the ground the hole thing past very quick and was quite long in lenght .as i have no idea what i am looking for i was wondering -Justin Thank you Justin!

New Port Richey, FL
I was driving home from work early at about 645 am before sunrise and I saw a bright green almost white light about the size of a traffic light blaze across the sky from east to west with a long green/whitish tail. Amazing! -Chris Thank you Chris P.!

Bartow, Florida Meteor Seen in dawn sky between 6:30am and 7:00am
Holding up your hands, it would have covered 3 hands in diameter, very close
Bright blue circle of light with a long blue tail traveling from west to east, looked about to be 30
feet from me, as it went through a fork in a large oak tree, it had traveled about 100 ft from me,
it was as low as a street light . did not see where it hit the ground. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my 62 years. beautiful!!!!! -Pat  Thank you Pat!

Miami Beach, North Bay Road, Approx.6:35 am edt, September 5th 2011.
Not quite sunrise, clear sky, bright green/blue tailed fireball(red hot at the leading edge), silent, vivid, descending. The object appeared to be headed for Biscayne Bay and very close to me. I was spellbound and made a journal entry upon returning home. I've seen a good many meteors during showers but nothing this close, bright and beautiful. -Rick K.  Thank you Rick!

Flagler Beach, Florida; 6:40 am, 
I could repeat all the same descriptions of the previous posts from this mornings sighting. Most fantastic meteor sighting I've ever seen, E to W, blue, 3-4 seconds, walking on the beach looking south. It reminded me of someone shooting a roman candle fireworks and at 1st I thought who the heck is lighting FW this time of the AM? Just like that, it was done and I realized what I had just seen, I stayed still for at least 5 minutes, taking in what just happened and thanked whatever spritual feeling I had for the experience. ABSOLUTLEY INCREDIBLE -H. Burke 
Thank you H. Burke.!

Lake Worth, Florida

Sarasota Bay, Florida at around 6:40 am
While jogging along Sarasota Bay at around 6:40 am I saw a spectacular blue green meteorite streaking low across the horizon heading from east to west.
It literally stopped me in my tracks! Truly a beautiful site. Lasted about 3 or 4 seconds.
-Marty Glass  Thank you Marty!

St. Lucie West,Florida
This morning at 6:35 AM my husband and I were walking our two golden retrievers I observed in the sky a green ball of light with a green trail behind it. It was beautiful but also a bit alarming because it was so unexpected and like nothing I have ever seen before. It lasted about 5 seconds and it was arched shaped across the early morning sky. We are from St. Lucie West,Florida. -Beth Thank you Beth!

Lake Rodman, Florida
At 6:47Am 9-5-11 we saw a green meteor with red front and long green and yellow tail heading west over Lake Rodman. I was heading south down the dirt road heading to the ramp at Kenwood. From that point we could only watch it for a couple of seconds. However My wife Shirley and I got a good look at it. It did not seem to be very high Unless it was it was far to the south of our location. -William Cool Thank you William!

Daytona, Florida
Thank you for your website! September 5, 2011, I was on Tomoka Farms Road, Daytona, Florida going towards the Landfill and at 6:36 a.m. I saw a beautiful sight in the sky, something I have never experienced before. It was going east to west, a beautiful fluorescent dark green, hint of red around the edges, huge ball with a long tail of white glittery sparkles,that looked like fireworks. It just seemed to come out of nowhere, went straight for a few seconds and then started to descend. I lost it as it went into the trees. I watched it for about 10 seconds. It was an amazing sight! -Sandra  Thank you Sandra!

Port St. Lucie, Florida Neon Green Light ~6:40 am
Monday morning about 6:40 AM I was walking along a dark roadway when a bright neon green light caught my eye. It was low in the South/Southwestern sky traveling fairly slow as compared to a shooting star. I witnessed it for five or six seconds before it disapeared behind the tree line. It appeared as a ball shape bright neon green in color and I did not notice a clear trail behind it. It did not appear to be close to my location though it's size looked to be about a quarter of the moon. -Bruce S. Thank you Bruce!

Key West, Florida
We were waiting for a few people to carpool up to Orlando, sitting on our porch and BAM, crazy.
From our view appeared to be going from SE to a NW kind of direction. 1st time I/we have every seen anything like it.
Lasted a few seconds in a downward motion, we could see the fireball, a bright blue right behind, followed by a long orange to yellow tail.
Very, very cool. -Randy Okum  Thank you Randy!

ST. Petersburg Beach, Florida
I saw a large bright yellow orange meteorite with a long tail, traveling low in the sky east to west at around 6:35 am 9/5/11. I was standing on ST. Petersburg beach looking south. I was standing there thanking God for all his beautiful creations when this appeared. I have never seen anything like this. Amazing! Thanks for letting me share my story. -Debbie  Thank you Debbie!

Kissimmee, Florida
September 5th 2011 6:35 am, Seen a large bright green fireball with a long green sparklely tail, moving from the East to the West at a moderate speed South of Kissimmee Florida over Big Lake Toho just above the horizon. -Don  Thank you Don!

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