14 November 2010

Serbia and Macedonia Major Bolide Meteor Fireball 12NOV2010 -Update 14NOV2010

Fortunately our "strefio" small meteorite
Celestial body that was last night passed through southern Serbia meteorite car is not greater than one meter, and could be "bigger" which would have worse consequences. Vain search for the remains. There is a possibility that parts of a space craft. ... (original in Croatian)  Google Translation toolhttp://translate.google.com/

Sunday, 14 November, 2010.
Residents of southern Serbia, two nights ago scared bleštavi large meteor that exploded somewhere in Grdelica. In Serbia, a meteorite falls, 1877, 1889, 1919. and 1947, always been associated with crucial events and major changes ... (original in Croatian)  
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Cosmo.gr - Μετεωρίτης στη Λάρισα;
23時間前 - Αναστάτωση προκλήθηκε το βράδυ της Παρασκευής (12/11) στη Λάρισα όταν μια πύρινη μπάλα εμφανίστηκε στον ουρανό! Το θέαμα, μάλιστα, ήταν ορατό σε Χαλκίδα αλλά και βόρεια Ελλάδα! ...(in Greek)

'Meteor'upset Northern Greece | Greece | DAILY ...

On the 21st时间前 - 'Meteor'upset of Northern Greece. Upset by flaming object that appeared in the evening ... The fireball, which can be assumed that it was a meteorite, it seemed to be rapidly approaching the Earth and ... (in Greek)
www.kathimerini.com.cy/index.php?pageaction=kat ..

KOSMOS: Meteorites fell in southern Serbia

The 11th时间前 - Local media in the Serbian city of Nis and Vranje reported that a meteorite can cause hum passed over the village Surdulica and continued to Bujanovac in a region between southern Serbia ... (in Greek)

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13 November 2010 | 15:55 | Source: Tanjug
Tanjug news agency correspondent from Vranje reported that a light ball was seen in the sky last night at 19:32 in several towns in that part of the country. ...The luminous body flew across the sky at great speed and a strong detonation was heard afterward. (more in English with photo)

Meteor Shower registered on the junction of Serbia, Macedonia and Kosovo
The people of southern Serbia were disturbed by a flash of light and clamor, which were reportedly caused by a falling meteor. Blinding lightning was also ...

Readers if you have information VIDEOS VERY IMPORTANT!!!! about this event please email drtanuki@gmail.com or post comments at the bottom of this post. Include, Time, Place, Date, and details, your name and contact.... Thank you. tokyo
Readers comments:

Tina writes in an email, "Hello drtanuki, here is an article in English about the bolide in Serbia, and according to the latest news, no debris was found at the supposed location, so the link I sent last night no longer applies." Tina
Neke moje stvari   has left a new comment on your post "Breaking News: Serbia and Macedonia Major Bolide   Hello,I am Milos from Serbia town Prokuplje.I wanted to write you a little about Bolide meteor. My street is dark, no lights, when the meteorite flew the whole street was lit as if it were day. I have not heard any explosion. I called relatives in Surdulica, they said they heard strong explosions, doors and windows were open and shake the strength of the detonation 

Tina writes in an email, "Hello, my name is Tina Nikolovska, Belgrade, here is the possible location where the meteor may have fallen, as was said in the news  Potential Meteorite Fall Map
I'll search for the videos now"

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