27 August 2010

Meteor/Meteorite News 26AUG2010

鉄 でできた「隕石」。(“隕鉄”とは呼ばないと思う) | Flickr - Photo ...

火星展。2010年7月24日(土)〜10月30日(土),東京大学 総合研究博物館。 www.um.u- tokyo.ac.jp/exhibition/2010MARS.html. Photos of the meteorite exhibit at the University of Tokyo until OCT 30, 2010.

Meteorite evidence favors explosive origins

PhysicsCentral.com (blog)
The ASU researchers acquired a small piece of a meteorite from a private dealer that had gotten the space rock off a local in Morocco after it was found in ...

Solar System may be 2 million years older than we thought, meteorite analysis suggests
Science Daily Wed, 25 Aug 2010 09:15 AM PDT
Timescales of early Solar System processes rely on precise, accurate and consistent ages obtained with radiometric dating. However, recent advances in instrumentation now allow scientists to make more precise measurements, some of which are revealing inconsistencies in the ages of samples. Seeking better constraints on the age of the Solar System, researchers analyzed meteorite Northwest Africa ...

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