18 August 2010

Meteor/Meteorite News 18AUG2010

10-year-old boy says he discovered a meteorite

"He walked in just pale as a ghost, and said mom something happened outside, I don't know what it was," Said Marianna Gardea, "Finally a meteor just came to ...
[likely HOAX!]

10-year-old [TX] boy says he discovered a meteorite

Posted on August 17, 2010 at 10:56 PM A family out of Leon Springs, (TX) had a strange experience Monday night. It's a flash and a find they'll talk about for years to come. ... [ seems to be a HOAX]

Varre-sai Meteorite Brazil - Video Report

UmPasseiopeloCeu | 2010年08月16日175 views

Video produced by Program Domingo Espetacular - TV Record - about the Varre-sai Meteorite.
Vídeo produzido pelo Programa Domingo Espetacular da Tv Record sobre o meteorito de Varre-Sai.

Meteor shower dazzles a crowd

People's World
The crowd was reacting to an especially large, dazzling, meteor flashing across the starry sky above the Olympic Mountains. It was after midnight, ...

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