22 August 2010

Large Fireball Seen in Iran- Iran Meteor/Meteorite News 22AUG2010

Piece of a comet in / luminous stone image landed in Iran
Mehr News- Iran
Tehran: 09:21, 05/31/1389
همزمان با اوج بارش شهابی برساوشی تکه ای از بازمانده دنباله دار سوئفت تاتل به صورت آذرگوی درخشان یا سنگ نورانی در آسمان ایران دیده شده و احتمالا در بخشهای شرقی ایران به خاک افتاده است که به باور اخترشناسان این آذرگوی تکه ای از بازمانده سوئیفت تاتل است. With the peak of Perseids surviving piece of comet Swift Zrgvy Tatl as bright or brighter the stone seen in the sky of Iran and possibly in eastern parts of the fallen, which astronomers believe that this piece of Zrgvy Tatl Swift is a survivor.

... This Zrgvy (fireball) magnitude 18 - or 20 - which cities in the sky Mrnjab, Abadeh, Zahedan, Taftan, Yazd and other cities in central Iran has been registered by the observers. این تکه از دنباله دار احتمالا در بخشهای شرقی ایران به خاک افتاده است. This piece of comet parts of eastern Iran probably has fallen. ...

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Google Translation Farsi to English: http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=auto&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.mehrnews.com%2Ffa%2Fnewsdetail.aspx%3FNewsID%3D1137683

Link to report in Farsi: http://www.mehrnews.com/fa/newsdetail.aspx?NewsID=1137683

Iran meteor shower heralded by fireball

Press TV
Iranian meteor shower enthusiasts have particularly enjoyed the August show put on by the Perseids, which was heralded by a brilliant fireball, ...

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