24 August 2010

Meteor/Meteorite News 24AUG2010

Solar System Older Than Once Thought

Discovery News
A newly studied meteorite reveals that the solar system is nearly 2 million years older than once thought. The meteorite contained some of the oldest ...

Jupiter PELTED By Rogue Meteor (VIDEO)

Huffington Post (blog)
... Observatory of Japan, told Kyodo News. Since the object left no visible trace on the planet's surface, the meteor may have been less than 1 km wide. ...

Reports of UFOs over BC skies hover into The Sun

Vancouver Sun
Nolan from Victoria wrote in on Monday about : "Myself and two friends were on the beach at Texada Island, watching the meteor shower on Friday Aug 13 ...

Black helicopters circle 'Welsh Roswell'

The MoD subsequently concluded that the spacecraft was in fact a meteor, widely seen across the UK that night, and that the "almighty bang" was an unrelated ...

Flash of light as another meteor hits Jupiter

TG Daily
A Japanese amateur astronomer has captured what appears to be the second meteor strike on Jupiter in three months. Masayuki Tachikawa captured video of a ...

Our Solar System: Now With 2 Million Years More Maturity

Wired News
The currently accepted age of the solar system — about 4.56 billion years — was calculated by measuring parts of meteorites called calcium-aluminum-rich ...

Age of the Solar System Recalculated

The new investigation, conducted on a piece of meteor rock, established that the object was no less than 4.5682 billion years old, an age 1.9 million years ...

Solar system 'two million years older than first thought'

Photo: NASA/ JPL Researchers revised the age after analysing a mineral "relic" buried deep within the meteorite, known as an inclusion, found in the Sahara ...

Amateur Astronomer Witnesses Jupiter Getting Smacked Around By Another Meteor

Gizmodo Australia
By Jack Loftus on August 23, 2010 at 10:20 AM Jupiter, our colourfully spotted gas giant neighbour was hit, again, by a meteor on Friday. ...

Another news flash from Jupiter

msnbc.com (blog)
A Japanese amateur astronomer witnessed a flash on Jupiter over the weekend - less than three months after similar blip, apparently caused by a meteor fall, ...

Solar System could be nearly two million years older than thought
TVNZ Sun, 22 Aug 2010 16:40 PM PDT
The Solar System could be nearly two million years older than thought after a study produced evidencefrom a meteorite found in the Moroccan desert that contains a "relict" mineral

Scientists age solar system by 2m years
News.com.au Sun, 22 Aug 2010 16:33 PM PDT
THE solar system could be up to 2m years older than previously thought, according to researchers who what is thought to be the oldest meteorite to have struck the Earth.

Solar System older than thought
Straits Times Sun, 22 Aug 2010 16:23 PM PDT
PARIS - THE Solar System could be nearly two million years older than thought, according to a study published on Sunday by the journal Nature Geoscience. The evidence comes from a 1.49 kg meteorite, found in the Moroccan desert in 2004, that contains a 'relict' mineral, which is one of the oldest solid materials formed after the birth of the Sun....

Solar System older than previously thought
Nature Sun, 22 Aug 2010 10:27 AM PDT
Meteorite dating resets solar clock....

Solar system slips back in time
New Scientist Sun, 22 Aug 2010 10:14 AM PDT
New meteorite evidence has just pushed the age of the solar system back by hundreds of thousands of years

Solar System May Be 2 Million Years Older Than Thought

Researchers studying bits of a meteorite discovered that the space rock was 4.5682 billion years old, predating previous estimates of the solar system's age ...

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