03 June 2010

Meteor/Meteorite News 3JUN2010

Cosmic Log 150yearold meteor mystery solved

Academic sleuths have used fine art and old newspapers to figure out exactly which meteor Walt Whitman was talking about in his poem "Year of Meteors ...

Niningers Museum - Where It All Started
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Niningers Meteorite Museum - Where It All Started by Ruben Garcia

Mr- and The Men - How to Chase

03:10 Video 22 views
Meteor Chasing with Mr-Meteorite (Ruben Garcia ) and The Meteorite Men

Ancient 40-pound Meteorite Pulled From Ditch in Oregon

It is the fifth meteorite to be found in the northwestern state. The space rock, which sat anonymously on the planet's surface for a few hundred to a ...

Rare Meteorite Discovered on the “Side of a Road”: How Much Is It ...

Busy Buzz Blogging
Rare Meteorite Discovered on the “Side of a Road” - Eleven years ago, Oregon native Don Wesson picked up an odd-looking rusty-colored rock from the side of ...

That big rock sitting in the garden? Meteorite.

Christian Science Monitor
A rock picked up in a ditch along a stretch of road in north central Oregon by a couple in 1999 turns out to be a rare, ancient meteorite. ...

Children welcome unusual visitor

Malvern Gazette
Headteacher Debbie Langston explained: “Children were involved in making their own mini aliens, de-coding cryptic messages, making meteorite and moon rock ...

Nature.com (blog)
Meteor painting dates Walt Whitman poem

Nature.com (blog)
In the July issue of Sky & Telescope magazine, Olson and colleagues reveal that the event was indeed a "meteor progression" – something that occurs when a ...

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