16 July 2009

Canada Meteorite News- 1909 Meteorite Fall in Canada? 16JUL09

Dipping Into the Past
Postmaster says he has meteorite that fell on his farm near Perm
100 YEARS AGO Thursday, July 15, 1909

Orangeville Citizen- July 16,2009

Perm, Ontario- J. J. Morrow, Perm's postmaster, says he has in his possession what he believes is the meteorite which fell in Mulmur township on the afternoon of June 29. "I was working on my farm, Lot 14, Con. 7, when on looking up I saw a ball of fire... (more)

*Note- Checking the Meteorite Database for meteorites reported near Perm, Ontario it appears that a meteorite fell in 1904- Shelburne, Ontario
L5; mass=18.6 kg; Fell 1904; MetBull database entry


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