29 July 2009

China Meteorite News- Jilin Meteorite Fall 8MAR1976 29JUL09

1976年3月8日 吉林地区天降世界罕见的陨石
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大量碎小的陨石散落在吉林市郊区大屯公社李家大队和永吉县江密峰公社一带;稍大块的直落在金珠公社九座、南兰大队一带;最大的3块陨石沿着原来的飞行方向继续向西偏南 ...

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On March 8, 1976 the Jilin area day had the world rare meteorite shower
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on March 8, 1976 the Jilin area day had the world rare meteorite shower

Jilin meteorite Display

on March 8, 1976 afternoon, a space meteor circled the solar revolution along the Earth the direction, crashed into the earth's atmosphere by each second several kilometer speeds. Because this meteor and the dense atmosphere has the fierce friction, when flies to the Jilin area sky, the combustion, the illumination, become a big fireball, 15:01 59 seconds has the detonation on 8th in the Jilin Suburb Gold Bead People's commune sky. After meteor detonation, scatters by the radiating to four sides. The massive dependents' meteorite scatters in the Jilin Suburb Tatun People's commune Li family production brigade and Yongji County Jiang Mifeng area the people's commune; Slightly bulk dropping down in golden bead people's commune nine, south area blue production brigade; The biggest 3 meteorites continue along the original flight direction to the W by S direction to fly, falls successively on the Jilin suburb nine station people's commune three platform production brigades, the orphaned shop people's commune serious famine production brigade and the Yongji County birch skin factory people's commune backer production brigade. Finally when 15:02 36 seconds fall down together, wear out 1.7 meter thick frozen earth levels, fall into the underground 6.5 meters deep places, create a depth 3 meter, the diameter 2 meters many big holes in the ground, at that time shook the earth wave reached as high as dozens of meters, the soil block splashes to hundred meters outside. At present according to meteorite analysis which already collected, this meteorite shower scatters the scope approximately has more than 500 square kilometers, during including the Jilin suburb, Yongji County, the Jiaohe River county's 7 people's communes, the population 10 ten thousand, has not caused any casualties or the loss. After meteorite shower landing, the local populace have made the report immediately to the Department concerned. The Chinese Academy of Science rapid composition union survey team rushes to the scene, in the province, under the city science and technology department's assistance, has carried on a series of scientific expedition work. So far, has collected the meteorite has more than 100 blocks. And the minimum weight below 0.5 kilogram, some 3 each weight has surpassed 100 kilograms. A maximum weight is 1770 kilograms, surpassed the US to collect, in greatly the present world the maximum stony meteorite weight (1078 kilograms). Regardless of this meteorite shower is the scope which quantity, the weight and scatter, is the world is rare. It regarding aspect and so on astronomy, heavenly body physics, high energy physics, cosmochemistry, heavenly body history, earth history research, has the very important value.

   According to the Chinese Academy of Science unites the survey team preliminary analysis appraisal, this landing's meteorite, the shape is diverse, has the cuboid, the hexahedron, the cone and so on. The meteorite surface has the black, the black brown melt shell and size different gas India. The meteorite contains the mineral is mainly the pyroxene, the olivine, for hard metallic minerals and so on grain stone, taenite, magnetite, has the model spherulitic texture few, therefore chooses a name as “the olivine - - bronzite chondrite”. These meteorites contain the chemical element, mainly has after the assay determination: Silicon, magnesium, iron, sulfur, calcium, nickel, aluminum and so on.

  What is called the meteorite?

  The meteorite, is the space objective existence one kind of heavenly body. As early as more than 3000 years ago, our country has about the meteor and the meteorite record, moreover very early has the correct scientific opinion to the meteorite. If "Shihchi · Day Published collection of laws" said: “the star falls to the place, then stone.”

   Solar system has the nine planets, in Mars and between Jupiter's track, has tens of thousands of planetoids. In addition, Earth nearby space, but also has many interstellar matters, small elephant dust particle, big elephant place mountain. These heavenly bodies defer to certain speed and the orbital motion. When the interstellar matter or the orbital special spot individual planetoid approaches the Earth, sometimes meets the atmospheric penetration, has the fierce hit, the friction with the atmosphere, the heat generation, the combustion, the illumination, this is the meteor which we see.

  The majority meteors in start from the ground 120 kilometers following upper airs to burn, small “the dust” is leaving the ground several dozens kilometers place to fire the ashes. The minority volume big as a result of air drag's influence, the speed falls from the sky more and more slowly, this kind falls the meteor remaining part which comes up to the ground, is the meteor, or is called the meteorite. Every year falls from the sky to Earth's on meteorite are many, but the majority volumes are very small, moreover falls mostly to the sea and the person mark rare place, very difficult to discover. Sometimes, the meteor first explodes in the upper air, then looks like one “the stone rain” such to scatter down, this is the rarer meteorite shower phenomenon.

  The meteorite surface has the seal brown hard shell generally, this is melts after the high temperature, also when the speed reduces cools gradually forms. Meteorite surface's another characteristic is, many likely anodonta shell shape small pit, this is it after the air friction combustion trace, the scientific term named is mad India. The people may act according to the dent the shape, which direction flight judges this meteorite is toward. Ingredient which contains according to the meteorite, may divide into three kinds, namely: Iron meteorite, pallasite and stony meteorite. Indicated to the meteorite chemical analysis that the composition meteorite's each chemical element, is on the Earth known, is also composes solar system other heavenly bodies the same element.

  The meteorite has the important value in the modern science research. This kind of precious universe sample not only brings many spaces for us the information, will also provide the rare information for a series of scientific research domain.

  After new China was established, until this time, has discovered and collects three meteorite showers. The first time was in 1588 discovered in the Guangxi Nandan County our country Ming Dynasty time fell from the sky iron meteorite rain; The second time was in 1971 falls on the Jilin Province Shuangyang County domestic stony meteorite rain; This time is in the world history rare stony meteorite rain.

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