28 July 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 28JUL2016

CA NV AZ UT Space Trash or Launch Debris 27JUL2016
The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News
Posted: 28 Jul 2016 01:51 AM PDT CA NV AZ UT Trash or Launch Debris 2240 PDT 27JUL2016 Long duration, estimates from 10-40 seconds. Multiple fragmentation. STrashRats Scramble!...

Bright lights in California sky leaves people guessing
Two balls of fire lit up the California sky Wednesday night, traveling through the state. The lights were also seen in Nevada and Utah. It could have ...

Light Seen Streaking Across Sky Over Western States
CBS Sacramento - CBS Local
Social media is buzzing tonight about a meteor streaking across the sky. The bright object was traveling east and appears to have broken up over the ...

LA Residents Report Seeing Possible Meteor Shower Streaking Across Sky
CBS Los Angeles - CBS Local
Residents from Sacramento to Los Angeles and Las Vegas reported seeing what has turned out to be a large meteor shower streaking across the ...

Bright Fireball Soars Over Utah Sky
MSN.com A bright fireball was spotted in the skies of the western United States on the evening of July 27, with onlookers sharing their encounters on social ..

Spectacular Utah 'meteor' probably space junk
The West Australian
A Utah man has captured footage of a spectacular sky show believed to be a Chinese rocket booster breaking up on re-entry over the US tonight.

Streaking fireball lights up social media in Nevada, other states
LAS VEGAS (AP) — Social media is lighting up with reports from Nevada, Utah and California of a small fireball streaking across the sky. Officials from ...

Expert: Fireball in sky was Chinese rocket debris reentering atmosphere
KSBY San Luis Obispo News People across the Central Coast, across California and across the western United States reported seeing a bright streak of light in the sky Wednesday ..

Space junk' blamed for lights in the western sky that sparked fear on social media
The National Weather Service office in Salt Lake City attempted to clear up the mystery with a tweet saying, "the object in question was not a meteor ..

Bright light reported in San Diego sky, social media goes crazy
The director of the Griffith Observatory, Dr. Ed Krupp, told ABC7 in Los Angeles that the Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower was set to peak Wednesday ...

LA Meteor?
Reddit Did anyone just noticed that big ass meteor or whatever it was going across the sky from west to east just now... It even broke into two parts.


WATCH: Fireball spotted in sky near Area 51 sparks alien theories
Daily Star
A FIREBALL was spotted slowly making its way across the sky near the infamous Area 51 causing conspiracy theorists to explode.

Fireball Captured Streaking Across Sky
Yahoo Finance UK
Onlookers in California captured what they thought was a meteor streaking across the sky. Experts say it was actually a Chinese rocket breaking up in ...

Mystery Fireball Lights Up Night Sky In US
Jack FM
A fireball which streaked across the sky in the western United States caused social media to light up back on earth.

Meteor over Victorville ca July 27 2016
Meteor over Victorville ca July 27 2016 ... Victorville california meteor ? ... Fire in the Sky : Meteor streaks across San Francisco Bay Area California ...

Meteor Las Vegas 7/27/16
Pissed I didnt get my phone out faster to record more of it.

Meteor shower, Utah 7/27/2016
Meteor shower, Utah 7/27/2016 ... 1/4/07 UFO - Denver Colorado meteor shower - space junk? ... Get Ready for the 2016 Perseid Meteor Shower!

Meteor Over Las Vegas, Nevada 7/27/2016 (Explicit)
Meteor seen at approximately 2140 over the Las Vegas area skyline,,, Caution FOUL language,

Those That Got it WRONG!  Nellis AFB!!!?

Nellis AFB: Light in the sky over Las Vegas was meteor breaking up
The internet was abuzz over a mysterious light in the sky Wednesday evening.

Vegas valley residents puzzled by streak of lights in sky
Nellis Air Force Base said it was a meteor going through the area, while Rob Lambert with the Las Vegas Astronomical Society says it's space debris ...

Meteor spotted streaking across sky
Nevada Appeal
Officials from Nellis Air Force Base in southern Nevada tell KTNV-TV that the light seen Wednesday night was a meteor breaking up. Dr. Ed Krupp ...

Streaking object in Bay Area sky sets social media abuzz
The Mercury News "Even after deciding it was a meteor, it was unnerving," Kuhlmann said. "We all agreed that if the world wasn't ending, it was an awesome experience .
Watch the heavens this week for shooting stars
The Delta Aquarid meteor shower persists through mid-August but peaks Thursday and Friday when interfering moonlight should be low and South ...

Ask Tom: Where is the best place to see Perseid meteor showers?
Chicago Tribune
Joyce emphasized that there is no need to travel great distances to see the meteor showers, just any dark rural location away from light pollution.

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