25 July 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 25JUL2016

Heads up! Meteor showers to look out for over the next several weeks
Wichita Eagle
But there are nearby fields for meteor watching, director Harold Henderson said. “People are always welcome to come out to Lake Afton Observatory ...

7 major fireball meteor events in the last 3 days around the world video - Fire in the sky
Strange Sounds
Since July 19, 2016, at least 7 major fireball lit up the skies around the world making headlines around the world. Discover these glowing sky ...

7 major fireball meteor events Reported in last 3 days around the world
End Time Headlines
This meteor brighter than Venus exploded at around 3:26 around Osaka, Japan on July 21, 2016. Residents of General Roca, Argentina got a scare ...

Blue meteor fireball lights up the sky over Cork, Ireland
Signs of the Times
Just saw the whole #sky light up looking North from #Cork Like #lightning only none on radar?? What gives?? #Meteor? #Fireball? #Explosion?

Bright meteor over Japan in July 2016
Meteor was Brighter than Venus because it was -5.3 mag.

Peak Dates For The Perseids And Delta Aquarids In The Coming Weeks
Tech Times
Meteor showers are coming in the next few weeks! Here are the peak dates for the Delta Aquarid and Perseid meteor showers this July and August ...

Meteor Shower Extravaganzas in the Coming Weeks
Fredonia Leader
A meteor shower is seen from earth when hundreds of celestial lights enter the night sky. The live broadcast also features astronomers who will ...

Meteor Shower Extravaganzas in the Coming Weeks
Nature World News
While waiting for the annual Perseids Meteor shower this August, sky watchers can enjoy the Delta Aquarids shower occurring today until Aug. 23.

Get Ready for Incredible Meteor Showers in Coming Weeks
YIBADA English
A spectacular series of meteor showers known as the annual Perseids are expected to begin next month while skygazers can also enjoy the ongoing ...

Meteor Shower Watch
Vancouver Events
Meteor Shower Watch. 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM, Aldergrove Regional Park (Meet at Aldergrove Bowl entrance at 501 Lefeuvre Rd, Abbotsford.).

Perseid Meteor Shower Star Party at Mingo Observatory
Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh
Free Public Event – Perseid Meteor Shower Star Party. The Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh. Invites you to a Special Star Party at.

Annual Meteor Shower Waterfall Campout
San Francisco Bay Events
Meteor Shower: The Perseid shower builds gradually to a peak, often produces 50 to 100 meteors per hour in a dark sky at the peak time and they ...

Meteor shower extravaganza starting next week
Science Recorder
A stunning celestial light show is in store starting next week when the Delta Aquarids meteor shower reaches its peak on July 28 and 29 and then ...

Meteor hitting the moon?
Physics Stack Exchange
Could a meteor hit the moon enough to cause a decay in its revolution around earth hitting the atmosphere causing molten rock to rain? I learned also ...

Could a meteor cause the flood from Noah's time in the bible?
Physics Stack Exchange
Could a meteor have hit at an angle to slow the Earth, but the effects not instant? Would a meteor hit on a polar cap cause it to rain around the World ...

Chelyabinsk Entrepreneurs Quick to Profit Off Meteor
The Moscow Times
Enterprising businessmen in the Urals city of Chelyabinsk lost no time in finding a way to capitalize on the meteor strike that shook the city on Friday ...

Its the shape if your meteor?
Physics Stack Exchange
Would the shape of the meteor make a difference on the impact? Like a Olympic diver would a spear shaped meteor make less damage to the surface ...

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