19 July 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 19JUL2016

Volcano, not meteor, wiped out dinosaurs, claims study
Times of India
Jaisalmer: A group of 13 scientists from seven countries concluded that dinosaurs, that roamed parts of the subcontinent, were wiped out by volcanic ...

SkyMatters: August brings a 'close encounter' between Jupiter and Venus
Irish Examiner
There are two main events to keep an eye out for in August — the annual Perseid meteor shower on August 12 and 13, and a “close encounter” ...

Meteorites are a big smash at Geo Fest in Eugene
The Register-Guard
The Perseid meteor show is on the way — with its expected peak on Aug. 12 and 13 — but some meteor fans got an early fix on Sunday at a parking ...

NASA's meteor cameras captured this bright meteor near Beechgrove, Tennessee on Aug 2 #nasa ...
Vineyard - Trendolizer
NASA's meteor cameras captured this bright meteor near Beechgrove, Tennessee on Aug 2 #nasa #meteor #fireball #tennessee. Trending story found ...

Meteor Drops Into Clear Lake—Maybe?
California Digital Newspaper Collection
Residents around Clear Lake were startled yesterday morning by what many believe to have been a falling meteor. A loud explosion broke the silence ...

Perseids Meteor Shower
Nashville Parent
Head to the Cornelia Fort Trailhead to view one of the brightest annual meteor showers. Since it's always darkest before dawn, that's why the event is ...

Massive meteor lights up South Island skies
Radio New Zealand
Massive meteor lights up South Island skies. 2 minutes ... A meteor has flashed across the sky this evening, surprising South Islanders as it shot past....

Meteor over New Zealand
The Upside Down Astronomer - WordPress.com
A bright meteor was seen over a large part of the South Island of New Zealand tonight, 19/07/16 at 1826 NZST Pity the clouds had to photobomb it.

Light over Dunedin 'rarer' than a meteor (+ video)
Otago Daily Times
A large fireball which flashed across the South Island this evening was not a meteor, but debris from an orbiting spacecraft, a leading astronomer says.

Meteor over South Canterbury
Meteor over South Canterbury. Ralph Pfister...

Spectacular fireball seen over Dunedin, many reports
WeatherWatch.co.nz has received many reports of a spectacular meteor or fireball across the lower South Island city of Dunedin. Our Meteors page ...

Did you see it? Fireball explodes over the South Island, streaks across night's sky
South Island residents have reported seeing a bright object - a meteor or a part of a space station - burning as it entered Earth's atmosphere this ...

Perseid Sideshows: Smaller Meteor Showers Shine This Summer
Nobody really knows why, but meteor activity is far richer in the second half of the year. Seven of the 10 generally recognized "principal" annual ...

Fireball or meteor entered Earth's atmosphere, rattling homes in central Florida
Strange Sounds
Fireball or meteor entered Earth's atmosphere, rattling homes in central Florida · Home › Forums › Mystery Booms and Loud Rumblings › Fireball or ...

Dr. Aaron Clevenson - Delta Aquariid Meteor Shower
The Tribune
Ten times each year, there are major meteor showers. July 28 and 29 will bring the Delta Aquariid meteor shower. The best time to see many meteors ...

Keep Your Eyes to the Sky for the Delta Aquarid Meteors This Month
The peak of the Perseid meteor shower in August may be the most popular stargazing event of the year, but if you're impatient you may want to keep ...

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